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盘前:投资者静候非农 道指期货涨0.04%
Pre-market: investors wait for non-farm Dow futures to rise 0.04%

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Global market sentiment is cautious, European and American stock markets fluctuate in a narrow range, and investors are waiting for the upcoming US non-farm payrolls report for July.


As of press time, Dow futures are up 0.04%, S & P 500 futures are up 0.03%, and Nasdaq futures are down 0.2%.


The FTSE 100th index in the UK rose 0.02 per cent, Germany's DAX index rose 0.1 per cent and France's CAC-40 index rose 0.2 per cent.


In the foreign exchange market, the dollar rose moderately to around 92.40.


Spot gold continued its decline, trading below 1800, with as much as $1796.06 an ounce on the day.


Today's non-farm payrolls report best reflects the labor recovery that the Fed is most concerned about, and once there is "substantial progress", expectations of a reduction in bond purchases are expected to rise further.

“今天是就业日,所有人都在关注7月美国劳动力市场报告,投资者在衡量复苏的步伐,以及数据对FOMC缩减计划的影响,”Caxton FX的高级市场分析师Michael Brown说。

"Today is Employment Day, and everyone is watching the July U.S. labor market report, and investors are measuring the pace of recovery and the impact of the data on the FOMC reduction plan," said Michael Brown, senior market analyst at Caxton FX.


Economists expect the US to create 870000 non-farm jobs last month and the unemployment rate to fall slightly to 5.7 per cent.


"the employment report is more important than ever because FOMC is gradually tapering off quantitative easing," Brown said. "the stronger-than-expected data could encourage more members to take tough turnaround measures, increasing the likelihood that the Fed will scale back its bond purchases sooner than the market expected."


"so after the report comes out, good economic news could be bad news for risky assets."

CNBC也指出,所有人都在关注周五的就业报告,该报告将显示美国7月份的劳动数据如何。Commonwealth Financial Network首席投资官Brad McMillan指出,7月非农数据可能在1月的23.3万至6月的85万之间。

CNBC also pointed out that everyone is watching Friday's employment report, which will show how the U. S. labor data for July. Brad McMillan, chief investment officer of Commonwealth Financial Network, pointed out that the non-farm data for July could be between 233000 in January and 850000 in June.


He said a level below 300000 could be worrisome, while a range between 300000 and 400000 indicated that the economy was "quite healthy".


A better result is consistent with the average for the second quarter, between 500000 and 600000. This will show that the recovery is continuing, and although medical and labour problems have prevented further acceleration, the economy still has sufficient momentum to move forward at a reasonable pace. "


"although the uncertainty of monetary policy may lead to further volatility, we believe that the Fed's move to reduce the size of bond purchases is unlikely to reverse the stock market rally," UBS said.Strategists point out.


The company added: "the weak labour market, well-controlled inflation expectations and the risks posed by a variant of novel coronavirus make it unlikely to raise interest rates before 2023."

渣打银行全球外汇研究主管Steve Englander表示,即使是一个接近当前共识的数字,也会激起市场的反应。

Steve Englander, head of global foreign exchange research at Standard Chartered Bank, said that even a figure close to the current consensus would provoke a reaction from the market.


"an important data that can be interpreted as a sign of optimism may strengthen interest rate expectations," he said, especially as the market has recently flinched in response to interest rate hikes.

皇家伦敦资产管理公司的基金经理特雷弗·格里瑟姆 (Trevor Greetham) 表示,股市正“缓慢地走高”,“对我来说,感觉股市可能会受到Delta变体的打击而下跌,但下跌后会再次反弹”。与此同时,格里瑟姆表示,现在不是减持股票的时候,因为企业收益仍在飙升。

Trevor Grissom, fund manager at Royal London Asset Management, said the stock market was "slowly moving higher". "for me, it feels like the stock market may be hit by a variant of Delta and fall, but then it will bounce back again". At the same time, Mr Grissom says now is not the time to sell stocks because corporate earnings are still soaring.


Focus stocks

Beyond Meat盘前跌近4%,第二季度净亏损同比扩大一倍,且差于市场预期。

Beyond meat fell nearly 4% before trading, and its second-quarter net loss doubled year-on-year and fell short of market expectations.


DraftKings rose in a straight line before trading and is now up 4%. Revenue in the second quarter exceeded expectations, and the average number of monthly paying users nearly tripled compared with the same period last year.


Prager Energy rose 6.7% in pre-market trading, posted better-than-expected revenue in the second quarter, and raised its guidance for fiscal year 21.


Virgin GalaxyPre-market rise of 3.7%, revenue in the second quarter far exceeded expectations, will restart space sales plan.


Novak Pharmaceuticals fell more than 10% before trading, and the net loss in the second quarter increased more than 18 times compared with the same period a year earlier.

Eton Pharmaceuticals盘前涨10.4%,美国食品药品监督管理局(FDA)今日将审核是否批准Eton Pharmaceuticals治疗癫痫的口服新药。

Eton Pharmaceuticals rose 10.4% before trading, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will review today whether to approve new oral drugs for Eton Pharmaceuticals to treat epilepsy.


Cloudflare fell 5.3% before trading, and the adjusted earnings per share guidance for the third quarter and fiscal year 21 fell short of expectations.


Robinhood rose nearly 4% to recoup some of Thursday's losses after a document showed that early investors in the trading app operator could sell shares.


Kaixinqic rose 25% before the day, announcing that he would set up a new energy vehicle department and set up a new energy vehicle research and development, production and marketing team.

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