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百事将作价33亿美元 把纯果乐等果汁品牌卖给法国私募股权公司PAI
PepsiCo will sell fruit juice brands such as Pure Fruit to French private equity firm PAI for $3.3 billion.

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百事公司将以约33亿美元的价格把纯果乐(Tropicana)、Naked和其他果汁品牌卖给法国私募股权公司PAI Partners,寻求巩固资产负债表并专注于更健康的零食和零卡路里饮料。

PepsiCo will sell Tropicana, Naked and other juice brands to French private equity firm PAI Partners for about $3.3 billion, seeking to strengthen its balance sheet and focus on healthier snacks and snacks.


According to a statement on Tuesday, the US beverage giant will retain a 39 per cent non-controlling stake in the new holding company of these brands and give PAI an irrevocable option to acquire certain European juice businesses.


PepsiCo said it plans to use the proceeds to strengthen its balance sheet and invest it in a wider range of businesses.


Paris-based PAI is a senior investor in food and beverages and the world's largest independent bottled beverage Refresco investor. The proposed joint venture between PAI and PepsiCo is similar to its combination of Rendr ice cream business and Nestl éA joint venture formed when most of the ice cream division merged to create Froneri.

“与PAI成立合资公司让我们能够实现巨大的前期价值,同时为这些受欢迎的品牌提供推动额外长期增长所需的关注和资源,”百事董事长兼首席执行官Ramon Laguarta在声明中称。

"the joint venture with PAI allows us to realize significant upfront value while providing these popular brands with the attention and resources needed to drive additional long-term growth," Ramon Laguarta, chairman and chief executive of PepsiCo, said in a statement.


"in addition, it will liberate us to focus on existing diversified product lines, including expanding the mix of healthier snacks, zero-calorie drinks and health-conscious and environmentally friendly products such as SodaStream," he said.

百事果汁业务2020年实现净利润约30亿美元。首席财务官Hugh Johnston在接受采访时说过,该业务的利润率低于百事的平均水平,因此这笔交易将“逐渐提振利润率”。

Pepsi's juice business made a net profit of about $3 billion in 2020. Hugh Johnston, the chief financial officer, said in an interview that the profit margin of the business was below Pepsi's average, so the deal would "gradually boost profit margins."

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