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欧洲一大批经济数据报喜 欧股6月开门红
A large number of European economic data reported that European stocks got off to a good start in June.

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原标题:【欧盘速递】欧洲一大批经济数据报喜 欧股6月开门红

Original title: [European Express] A large number of European economic data reported that European stocks got off to a good start in June.


Source: FX168


European stock markets opened a new month in a rising mode on Tuesday, as key European economic indicators boosted sentiment. At the same time, commodity prices have risen with hopes that the global economy will continue to accelerate its recovery.


As of this release (18:30 Beijing time), the UK's FTSE 100th index, Germany's DAX index and France's CAC index were up 1.14%, 1.41% and 0.86%, respectively.


There was a wide range of gains today, including significant increases in economically sensitive areas such as automobiles, industrial and banking stocks. In addition to the UK stock market, investors in continental European stock markets were also encouraged by the accelerated vaccination of COVID-19 and the corresponding economic recovery.


Brent crude rose more than 2% today to $70.69 a barrel. At one point, the price of WTI crude rose 2.7% to $68 a barrel, the highest level since 2018.


Consumer price inflation in the eurozone rose 2 per cent year-on-year in May and 1.6 per cent in April, with energy prices rising 13.1 per cent year-on-year, according to data released today.


The data, released ahead of the ECB's monetary policy meeting before June 10, sparked speculation about whether it would scale back its current asset purchases of 80 billion euros a month.


The ECB has a target inflation rate of 2 per cent, and some policy makers recently said they expected the rise in CPI inflation to be temporary, in part due to a very low year-on-year comparison during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Tavistock Wealth首席投资官John Leiper称,通胀数据反映出欧元区经济活动的强劲复苏,“我预期这一复苏将持续至2021年下半年,而政府对于经济活动的限制正在放宽,投资者对于欧元区的前景更加乐观。”

John Leiper, chief investment officer of Tavistock Wealth, said the inflation data reflected a strong recovery in economic activity in the euro zone. "I expect this recovery to continue into the second half of 2021, while government restrictions on economic activity are being relaxed and investors are more optimistic about the outlook for the euro zone."


Eurostat also reported today that the unemployment rate in the euro zone fell to 8% in April and 8.1% in March, but it was still significantly higher than the 7.3% in the same period in 2020, indicating that the severe blow to the job market caused by the COVID-19 epidemic has not yet fully recovered.


In addition, the UK also reported encouraging economic data, with manufacturing PMI surging to 65.5 in May, breaking the all-time high of 61.0 set in July 1994. Orders, employment and business confidence are all at or near record highs. But the prices of raw materials and finished goods are also rising at an all-time high, fuelling inflation fears.

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