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About Futu

Shenzhen Futu Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a strategic investment by Tencent and a NASDAQ listed companyFutu HoldingsIts subsidiaries. We are committed to becoming an influential global financial services platform.

Futou beef beefIt has become a comprehensive investment ecosystem platform connecting investors, listed companies, investment institutions, and financial media.

According to Futu's 2021 Q1 earnings report and public market data:

  • The number of registered users of Futu Niu Niu is 14.24 million. Community users produce over 100,000 pieces of UGC content every day.

  • Futu Information has 54 original content sections, and about 50,000 original and reprinted content are updated daily.

  • More than 300 listed companies have opened corporate accounts in Futu Niu, including famous companies such as Tencent, Tesla, Apple, and Meituan.

  • Over 150 famous financial media have opened columns, including Phoenix News, Wall Street News, 36Kr, and Red Week in the Stock Market.

Would you like to cooperate with Futu to achieve the “1+1>2” effect?

Futu's partners, or websites related to finance, finance, securities, stocks (Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, A shares), investment, media, etc., are welcome to apply for links or discuss market and content cooperation:


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