沪指探底回升 A股三季报发布接近尾声

新浪财经 ·  10/26/2020 10:25
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[Market Focus]

On Monday, the Asia-Pacific stock market had mixed ups and downs. Following last weekCumulative decline of 1.75%After,Shanghai IndexAfter opening 0.59% lower, the decline continued, reaching a maximum of 1.57%, after which the index rebounded.GEM refers toIt was the first to turn red, and the previous decline was over 1.5%.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange was closed for one day today due to the Chung Yeung Festival. Northbound Capital and Southbound Capital were also closed all day long.

Last week, uncertainty surrounding the aid plan schedule continued to put pressure on US stocks, and the three major stock indexes all declined on a weekly basis. Dow index (.DJI) Closed at 28,335.57, down 0.95% weekly. S&P 500 Index (.INX) It was reported at 3465.39, down 0.53%. NASDAQ (.IXIC) It closed at 11,548.28, down 1.06%. The Dow and S&P 500 ended three consecutive weeks of gains, and the NASDAQ declined for the first week in five weeks.

As of 9:45, onshore yuan (USD/CNY) The spot exchange rate against the US dollar was 6.6924, which depreciated 234 (pips) from the closing price of the previous trading day (6.6690). Monday, RMBMedian priceIt was reported at 6.6725, down 22 points.

US 10-year Treasury BondsThe yield closed at 0.85% on Friday, up 9BP (0.03 percentage points) from last week; the 2-year US Treasury yield, which implied the market's short-term interest rate expectations, closed 0.18%.

Asia Pacific trading session, as of 9:45, the US dollar index (DXY) Report 92.92. Based on 17:55 EST on Friday, the index closed at 92.74, down 1.04%.

As of 9:45, London Gold (XAU) Report: $1898.08 per ounce. COMEX futures (GC) The main contract closed at $1902.58 per ounce on Friday, closing flat.

US NYMEX WTI crude oil futures (CL) The main contract closed at 39.76 US dollars/barrel on Friday, down 3.03% weekly; international benchmark IceBrent crude oil futures (OIL) The main contract closed at 41.97 US dollars/barrel, down 1.91%, all ending 2 consecutive weeks of gains.

[Asia Pacific Stock Market]The rise and fall of the Asia-Pacific stock market was mixed, and the Shanghai index bottomed out and rebounded

A share: As of 10:20,Shanghai Composite IndexReport 3255.21, -0.70%;SZSE IndexReport 13,175.55 points, +0.36%;GEM refers toReport 2615.22, +0.55%; weighted blue chip representativeSSE 50Reported 3314.63 points, -0.96%.

●The 5th Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing from October 26 to 29. At the conference, proposals on the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the long-term goals for 2035 will be studied and formulated, and the central government's draft proposal for the 14th Five-Year Plan will be released. At the same time, the market will focus on the main lines of the “14th Five-Year Plan.”

●This week, 2020Third quarter reportThe disclosure will soon come to an end, and the overall results reported by listed companies for the third quarter will come to light. A number of large listed companies will release financial reports this week.

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