参议院周六召开会议讨论巴雷特的提名 周一将确认结果

新浪财经 ·  10/25/2020 02:35

The procedural vote will take place on Sunday, and the final confirmation will take place on Monday.

On Saturday afternoon EST, the Senate will hold a rare session to debate the entry of Judge Amy Coney Barrett (Amy Coney Barrett) into the Supreme Court. In a few days, voters will decide whether the Republicans will continue to control the Senate and the White House.

Democrats strongly opposed confirming Barrett's appointment so close to the election and boycotted the Judicial Committee's vote on Thursday. New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer (Chuck Schumer) employed four delaying tactics during the Senate session on Friday, including forcing a short private session.

The Republicans who have the most power and most votes will see more protests from Democrats this weekend, but they remain optimistic that they received 51 votes confirming Barrett's election in the final vote on Monday.

“The main reason we're here is so the Democrats can continue to protest,” said South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune (John Thune). “We had a series of procedural votes yesterday. They're trying to do everything they can to delay or block her nomination.”

Thun predicted that as long as there is support from the Republican Party, Barrett will win the procedural vote on Sunday afternoon and the final vote on Monday night.

“We are preparing to vote tomorrow at 1:00. This is what we call the final vote. This is a procedural vote. As long as we have every Republican here, we'll win the election, and we'll have the final vote on Judge Barrett's nomination Monday night.”

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