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参议院周六召开会议讨论巴雷特的提名 周一将确认结果
The Senate meets on Saturday to discuss Barrett's nomination, which will be confirmed on Monday.

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The procedural vote will be held on Sunday and the final confirmation will be held on Monday.

美东时间周六下午,参议院将罕见地举行会议,就巴雷特(Amy Coney Barrett)法官进入最高法院一事进行辩论。几天后,选民将决定共和党人是否将继续控制参议院和白宫。

On Saturday afternoon EDT, the Senate will meet in a rare session to debate Justice Amy Coney Barrett's entry to the Supreme Court. In a few days, voters will decide whether Republicans will continue to control the Senate and the White House.

民主党人强烈反对在如此临近选举的时候确认巴雷特的任命,抵制了司法委员会周四的投票。纽约州民主党参议员查克·舒默(Chuck Schumer)星期五在参议院的会议上采取了四种拖延战术,其中包括强制举行了短暂的非公开会议。

Democrats strongly opposed the confirmation of Barrett's appointment so close to the election, boycotting the Judiciary Committee's vote on Thursday. Senator Chuck Schumer (Chuck Schumer), Democrat of New York, used four delaying tactics during the Senate meeting Friday, including forcing a brief private meeting.


Powerful Republicans with a majority of votes will face more Democratic protests this weekend, but they remain optimistic that they have won 51 votes to confirm Barrett's election in Monday's final vote.

“我们来这里的主要原因是为了让民主党人可以继续抗议,”南达科他州共和党参议员图恩(John Thune)说,“昨天我们进行了一系列程序性投票。他们正试图尽其所能拖延或阻止她的提名。”

"the main reason we're here is so that Democrats can continue to protest," said Senator Tuen, Republican of South Dakota. "We had a series of procedural votes yesterday. They are trying to delay or block her nomination as much as they can. "


Tuen predicts that with Republican support, Barrett will win the procedural vote on Sunday afternoon and the final vote on Monday night.


"We are preparing for the vote at 01:00 tomorrow. This is what we call the final vote. This is a procedural vote. As long as we have every Republican here, we will win the election, and on Monday night we will have a final vote on Judge Barrett's nomination. "

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