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Consumer use of fitness apps is surging among Americans, new survey results show


2020/07/16 01:11  MarketWatch

MW Consumer use of fitness apps is surging among Americans, new survey results show

Video-conferencing services like Zoom Video Communications Inc. aren't the only tech tools seeing a rise in use since the outbreak of COVID-19. Some 41% of Americans used a fitness app for the first time during quarantine and over half (56%) are so confident in their home workouts that they plan to cancel their gym memberships, according to a survey of 2,000 people from Freeletics, a provider of AI-based fitness and lifestyle coaching. The survey was conducted by OnePoll. The average American used two fitness apps and took four online fitness classes during lockdown. The exercise-at-home movement is reflected in the stock performance of leading fitness vendors. Peloton Interactive Inc. (PTON) shares have soared 119% this year, while those of Fitbit Inc. (FIT) are up 5%. By comparison, the S&P 500 index is down 0.4% in 2020.

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July 15, 2020 13:11 ET (17:11 GMT)

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视频会议服务,如Zoom Video Communications Inc.自新冠肺炎爆发以来,并不是唯一出现使用量上升的科技工具。据基于人工智能的健身和生活方式教练提供商Freeletics对2000人的调查显示,约41%的美国人在隔离期间首次使用健身应用,超过一半(56%)的人对自己的家庭锻炼非常有信心,以至于计划取消健身房会员资格。Freeletics是一家基于人工智能的健身和生活方式教练提供商,对2000人进行了调查。这项调查是由OnePoll进行的。在封锁期间,美国人平均使用两个健身应用程序,并参加了四个在线健身课程。居家锻炼运动体现在领先健身商家的存量表现上。佩洛顿互动公司(Peloton Interactive Inc.)美国电话电报公司(PTON)的股价今年飙升了119%,而Fitbit Inc.的股价则上涨了119%。(FIT)上涨了5%。相比之下,标准普尔500指数在2020年下跌0.4%。

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