Keep up with Google and Microsoft! Amazon may plan to launch cloud gaming services next year

TechWeb ·  11/21/2019 14:15

November 21 news, according to foreign media reports, inAlphabet Inc-CL COn November 19th, the cloud game service Stadia,Microsoft CorpAfter the planned launch of the cloud game streaming service xCloud next year, the cloud computing giantAmazonCloud gaming services are also expected to be launched next year to compete with Alphabet Inc-CL C and Microsoft Corp in this industry.

The news that Amazon.Com Inc is expected to launch a cloud game service next year is reported by foreign media citing sources. The two sources have a better understanding of the plans for Amazon cloud game service.

In addition, Amazon.Com Inc's recruitment also shows their intention to launch cloud game services. Amazon.Com Inc has begun to tap talent from large game companies, and is also recruiting people for a project called "New Plan" in the AWS cloud service team. According to sources, the "New Plan" project will participate in game services in the future.

In one of the recruits, Amazon.Com Inc said that the continuous development of streaming media and the current e-sports will enable everyone to become gamers in the future, and every player will be able to compete and cooperate with others on a larger scale. In another recruitment, Amazon.Com Inc also expressed the hope to promote the innovative application of machine vision and game streaming.

Foreign media reports show that the cloud game service that Amazon.Com Inc will launch may be integrated with other businesses under Amazon.Com Inc. At present, it is rumored that the game video service platform Twitch, through which a large number of gamers watch live games.

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