National Energy Administration: the cost of wind power and photovoltaic power generation has decreased by 60% and 80%, respectively.

AASTOCKS ·  Jun 20 15:56

Secretary of State for Energy Zhang Jianhua said at a news conference that the Mainland will insist on innovation-driven development, accelerate the promotion of energy technology independence, and continue to advance the transformation of the traditional energy industry. Under the transformation of the traditional energy industry, wind power is formed from equipment manufacturing and development, to a complete industrial chain system for operation and maintenance, photovoltaic cells Conversion efficiency has refreshed world records several times, with wind and photovoltaic power costs down 60% and 80%, respectively. A global leader in the entire hydropower industry chain, building the world's largest single-unit capacity Baizuru Beach hydroelectric power station. The pace of industrialization of cutting-edge technologies such as new energy storage and hydrogen energy is accelerating.

At the same time, the world's first commercial demonstration project for high-temperature refrigerated boilers, such as Hualong No. 1, which has formed its own intellectual property, has been put into operation. And technologies such as ultra-high voltage transmission and high parameter coal power remain world-leading. (ta/u)


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