盘中速览 | 港股指数小幅下跌,半导体板块走强,中芯国际涨超4%,华虹半导体涨超3%

Intraday glance | Hong Kong stock index slightly down, semiconductor sector strong, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation up more than 4%, Hua Hong Semiconductor up more than 3%.

Futu News ·  Jun 20 10:46

Futu News, June 20 - Hong Kong's three major stock indexes are in a volatile and consolidating phase. As of the time of writing, the Hang Seng Index fell 0.17%, the Technology Index fell 0.76%, and the National Index fell 0.12%.

In terms of sectors, network technology stocks fell across the board, with Kuaishou falling more than 4%, Bilibili and JD Health falling more than 2%, and Tencent Music and NetEase falling more than 1%.

The semiconductor sector is strong, with Contel rising more than 6%, AV Concept Hold, Solomon Systech, and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation rising more than 4%, and Shanghai Fudan, Brainhole Tech, and Hua Hong Semiconductor all rising more than 3%.

Shipping and port stocks are performing strongly, with Pacific Basin and Cosco Ship Engy rising more than 4%, and Cosco Shipping Holdings and Sitc rising nearly 4%.

Petroleum stocks rose across the board, with CNOOC, PetroChina, and Sinopec Corp all rising more than 2%.

Electrical utilities stocks rose slightly more than fall, with Huaneng Power rising more than 3%, Huadian Power rising more than 2%, and CGN Power, China Power, and China Res Power all rising more than 1%.

Mainland real estate stocks fell, with China Vanke, Sino-Ocean Group, Longfor Group, and Radiance Holdings all falling more than 2%.

In terms of individual stocks,$CPIC (02601.HK)$Maintaining an 'outperform the market' rating for the insurance sector, CMB International is bullish on China Pacific Insurance and has set a target price of HKD 24.8.

$SUPER HI (09658.HK)$Announcing recent performance, JD Health fell more than 5%, with a first-quarter loss of $4.457 million.

$FOSUN PHARMA (02196.HK)$Company-affiliated Nan Nan Res rose more than 3% after selling a minority stake in Gland Pharma to raise more than $200 million.

$NAN NAN RES (01229.HK)$Radiance Holdings rose more than 51% after announcing expected annual after-tax profit of no less than HKD 36 million, reversing last year's loss.


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