盘中速览 | 三大指数小幅上涨,哔哩哔哩涨近5%领涨科网股;芯片股走高,中芯国际涨超3%

Midday glance| The three major indexes edged up slightly, with Bilibili leading the way in network technology, up nearly 5%; Chip stocks rose, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation rose more than 3%.

Futu News ·  Jun 18 10:30

Futu News reported on June 18th that the three major Hong Kong stock indexes rose slightly as of press time, with the Hang Seng Index up 0.22%, the Technology Index up 0.41%, and the National Index up 0.26%.

In terms of sectors, network technology stocks rose across the board, with Bilibili up nearly 5%, SenseTime up over 3%, up over 1%, Alibaba and Tencent slightly up, NetEase down over 2%, and Baidu down nearly 2%.

Hong Kong semiconductor stocks rose, with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation up over 3% and Hua Hong Semiconductor up nearly 3%.

Hong Kong Apple concept stocks continued to rise, with Tongda Group up over 8%, Sunny Optical Technology up over 4%, AAC Technologies and BYD Electronic up over 3%, and Cowell Electronics up over 1%.

Most of the China-affiliated brokerage stocks in Hong Kong rose, with Haitong Securities up nearly 4% and China International Capital Corporation, Guotai Junan, China Galaxy, and CSC Securities up over 2%.

Hong Kong biotechnology stocks weakened, with Akeso down nearly 6%, WuXi Biologics down over 4%, and Bio-Thera Solutions and CanSino Biologics down over 2%.

In terms of individual stocks,$Bilibili (BILI.US)$Up nearly 5%, the performance of "Three Kingdoms: Strategist" on the first day of its launch exceeded expectations.

$SMIC (00981.HK)$Up over 3%, Taiwan Semiconductor may initiate new price increase negotiations in the second half of the year, and the price adjustment of wafer foundry has spread to power semiconductor manufacturers. Starting from this year, the power semiconductor manufacturers have been in a wave of rising prices.

$ZIJIN MINING (02899.HK)$Down more than 4% at one point during the session, now down more than 2%, the company plans to issue $2 billion in convertible bonds, with a discount of about 5% and a net fundraising of HKD 3.871 billion for the placement.

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