港股午评 | 三大指数低开高走,苹果概念强势上涨,比亚迪电子涨超6%,较4月低点飚涨超70%

Hong Kong stock market midday review | Three major indexes open low and go high, Apple supplier concept rises strongly, BYD electronic rises more than 6%, soaring more than 70% compared to April lows.

Futu News ·  Jun 17 12:10

On June 17th, Futu News reported that Hong Kong's three major indexes opened low and closed high, and the Hang Seng Index and the National Index once rose more than 1% during the day, with gains of 0.2% and 0.25% respectively at noon. The Hang Seng Tech Index rose 0.12%, and the three major indexes had initially fallen more than 1%.

At the midday close, 564 Hong Kong stocks rose, 1114 fell, and 1349 remained unchanged.

In terms of sectors, the stock prices of large technology companies have partially rebounded, with Meituan up more than 2%, and Kuaishou, NetEase, and Tencent slightly up, while Baidu down more than 1%, and and Alibaba down.

Apple concept stocks collectively strengthened, Cowell Electronic up more than 7%, BYD Electronic up more than 6%, and Sunny Optical Technology up more than 3%.

The stock prices of China-affiliated brokerages were weak, with Guotai Junan, China International Capital Corporation, Huatai Securities, and Citic Securities all falling nearly 1%.

Shipping stocks generally fell, with COSCO Shipping Holdings, COSCO Shipping Energy, and Pacific Basin falling by about 3%, and Orient Overseas International and SITC falling by nearly 2%.

The stock prices of electrical utilities were down, with Huaneng Power International, China Longyuan Power Group Corporation, and Huaneng International Power Development Corporation all falling more than 3%.

In terms of individual stocks,$BRILLIANCE CHI (01114.HK)$With an increase of more than 20%, Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited announced that after distributing a special dividend of HKD 1.5 per share in May, it will again distribute a special dividend and go ex-rights on July 3, 2024, with a dividend of HKD 4.3 per share.

$BYD ELECTRONIC (00285.HK)$With an increase of more than 6%, hitting a new high for the year and rising nearly 72% from the low in April.

$HAITIAN INT'L (01882.HK)$Up nearly 4%, with order growth exceeding 40% in May, overseas markets continue to gain market share.

$TIME INTERCON (01729.HK)$Up nearly 5% to hit another new high, with a cumulative increase of nearly 127% this year.

$ZJLD (06979.HK)$Down nearly 2% again, with stock prices falling nearly 18% in the past month due to fluctuations in Maotai pricing disrupting the baijiu sector.

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