盘中速览 | 港股低开高走,三大指数齐涨;芯片股、汽车股走高,中芯国际涨近4%,华晨中国涨超22%

Midday Overview | Hong Kong stocks opened low and rose, the three major indexes rose together; chip and auto stocks rose, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation rose nearly 4%, and Brilliance Chi rose over 22%.

Futu News ·  Jun 17 10:41

Futu News on June 17th, the three major Hong Kong stock indexes collectively opened low and rose. As of press time, the Hang Seng Index rose 0.64%, the Science and Technology Index rose 0.56%, and the National Index rose 0.75%.

In terms of sectors, network technology stocks rose and fell, with Kuaishou and NetEase up nearly 2%, Meituan and Tencent up more than 1%, Ping An Good Doctor down more than 3%, and Ali Health and JD Health down more than 2%.

Chip stocks continued to rise, with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation up nearly 4%, Hua Hong Semiconductor and HG Semi up more than 2%.

Auto stocks rose across the board, Brilliance Chi up nearly 22%, BYD Company up more than 3%, Great Wall Motor up more than 2%, Li Auto Inc and Geely Auto followed the trend.

Most mainland real estate stocks fell, Shimao Group fell nearly 6%, Sino-Ocean GP fell more than 4%, CIFI Hold GP fell 4%, and China Vanke and Country Garden fell more than 3%.

Port and shipping stocks weakened, COSCO Shipping Holdings fell more than 4%, Pacific Basin fell nearly 3%, and COSCO Ship Engy fell 2%.

In terms of individual stocks,$BRILLIANCE CHI (01114.HK)$Up more than 22%, the company declared a special dividend of HKD 4.3 per share.

$ASCENTAGE-B (06855.HK)$Up more than 21%, received a strategic private equity investment of USD 75 million from Takeda International.

$COSCO SHIP HOLD (01919.HK)$Down more than 4%, tight spot cargo supports spot freight rates, and there is still considerable uncertainty in forward freight rates.

$BYD COMPANY (01211.HK)$Up more than 3%, the impact of EU tariff policies on the company is limited.

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