富途早报 | 涨势汹涌!标普500指数获机构看涨至6000点;“嘴鹰”依旧!美联储官员:能否降息还得再看几份数据

Futu Morning News | Strong upward trend! The S&P 500 index is called by institutions to reach 6000 points; "Hawkish" still exists! Federal Reserve officials: Whether to reduce interest rates still depends on several more data.

Futu News ·  Jun 17 07:57

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  • The 'hawkish' stance of the Federal Reserve remains! After the resolution, the first batch of officials spoke: it still depends on several more data points to determine whether or not to lower interest rates.

Federal Reserve officials began giving public speeches on Friday after the interest rate decision was announced. The first two Federal Reserve officials to speak were Mester and Gulsby, who disclosed quite similar information: more positive inflation data needs to be seen before interest rate cuts can be initiated!

  • S&P 500 index is booming! Call up to 6000 points.

As the S&P 500 index continues to set new records, Evercore ISI predicts that by the end of 2024, the index will once again see double-digit gains. Julian Emanuel, the company's chief stock and quantitative strategist, raised his year-end expectations for the S&P 500 index to 6,000 points, the highest among the major stock strategists tracked by Bloomberg, about 10% higher than Friday's closing level of the index.

  • Global "clustering" of US stocks, US stocks" clustering" AI.

Despite facing debt problems and political divisions brought about by elections in the United States, global investors are flocking to US stocks and bonds due to the dual pressures of election pressure in Europe and the risk of yen exchange rates due to the Japanese central bank's postponement of details of its quantitative easing. As Apple, Microsoft, and Nvidia, the three '30 trillion giants', successively set new historical highs in market capitalization, AI/technology-related companies have become the 'primary targets' for fund holders.

Gamestop's surge has dramatically narrowed, with the trading platform considering unplugging the internet of US retail investors.

  • Microsoft, Nvidia and Nasdaq rise, S&P index hikes rest

On Friday, the three major US stock indexes rose and fell, with the Nasdaq hitting a new high for the fifth consecutive trading day, the S&P halted its four-day rally, and the Dow slipped for the fourth consecutive day.

Large-cap technology stocks are mixed, with Microsoft up 0.22% and Nvidia up 1.75%, both closing at new highs. Apple fell 0.82%, losing its position as the world's largest market capitalization to Microsoft after just one day. Google C was up 0.92%, Amazon down 0.09%, Meta Platforms up 0.11%, Broadcom up 3.34%, and Tesla down 2.44%.

Among Chinese concept stocks, the Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index fell 1.51%, Bilibili fell 4.97%, Li Auto fell 3.29%, Alibaba fell 3.08%, Xpeng fell 2.44%, fell 2.14%, Baidu fell 2.13%, NIO fell 1.81%, and Pinduoduo fell 1.38%.

  • Adobe surged 14.51%, with its price target raised by multiple major banks after its earnings report.

$Adobe (ADBE.US)$Adobe surged 14.51%, with its Q2 earnings exceeding expectations and full-year guidance raised. After its earnings report, Wells Fargo maintained a buy rating on Adobe and raised its price target from $675 to $700, Citigroup raised its price target on Adobe from $529 to $550, and JPMorgan upgraded its rating on Adobe from neutral to buy.

  • Netflix rose more than 2% on Friday, reaching a new high since December 2021; Netflix has risen more than 38% so far this year. KeyBanc has raised its price target for Netflix from $705 to $707 and maintains an 'overweight' rating.

$Netflix (NFLX.US)$Netflix rose more than 2% on Friday, reaching a new high since December 2021; Netflix has risen more than 38% so far this year. KeyBanc has raised its price target for Netflix from $705 to $707 and maintains an 'overweight' rating.

  • The first batch of generative AI application companies are listed. Tempus AI's "medical diagnosis" rose nearly 9% on its first day of listing.

AI technology is gradually penetrating the medical industry, and Friday's Nasdaq stock market welcomed a medical diagnostics company called 'Meta Platforms' that uses AI to help doctors analyze patient medical test data. The company's stock price rose by as much as 18% on its first day of trading, with a market cap of about $6.645 billion, nearly 9% higher than the issue price.$Tempus AI (TEM.US)$Arm rose more than 6% intraday to a record high and was included in the Nasdaq 100 index.

  • The EU's Digital Market Act is about to fire the first shot, aiming at Apple.

Although it has made historic changes as the 'gatekeeper' of technology giants in the face of the EU's recently enacted 'Digital Markets Act', Apple still cannot escape the EU's accusations. According to several informed sources, the EU's investigation confirmed that Apple failed to fulfill its obligations to 'allow app developers to guide users to discounts outside the App Store' while not charging additional fees. More significantly, Apple is likely to be the first tech giant to face accusations under the EU's new digital law after it goes live.$Apple (AAPL.US)$Arm rose more than 6% at one point, hitting a new historical high, and was included in the Nasdaq 100 index.

  • Arm rose more than 6% intraday to a record high and was included in the Nasdaq 100 index.

$Arm Holdings (ARM.US)$The stock rose more than 6% to 167.69 US dollars, a record high, before closing down 0.1%. In terms of news, the company will be included in the Nasdaq 100 Index starting from June 24th.

  • Meta has postponed the launch of its AI chatbot in Europe due to regulatory obstacles.

$Meta Platforms (META.US)$Meta will postpone the launch of its AI chatbot in Europe. Previously, European regulatory agencies called on the company to suspend its plan to train its large language model with posts from European users. On Monday, the company announced plans to use public posts from European users to train a large language model called Llama. However, on Friday, the company updated their statement and said the launch of the chatbot has been indefinitely postponed after the Irish Data Protection Commission delayed the decision.

  • Microsoft plans to invest $7.16 billion in building a datacenter in Spain.

$Microsoft (MSFT.US)$Microsoft plans to invest 6.69 billion euros (7.16 billion US dollars) to develop a new data center in the Aragon region of northeastern Spain. The Aragon regional government stated that Microsoft has applied for a construction permit to build a data center in a location outside the city of Zaragoza, which confirms the report of the local newspaper El Heraldo. It is reported that Microsoft's investment will be carried out over a period of 10 years. Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

If you want to play this game, you must believe in yourself and your judgment.

BeiShui crazily bought China Mobile for nearly HKD 1.8 billion and sold Tencent for about HKD 200 million. On Monday (June 3rd), Southbound funds net purchased HKD 3.4 billion of Hong Kong stocks.

  • Northbound funds snatched nearly 500 million Hong Kong dollars from China Mobile and sold more than 300 million Hong Kong dollars of Xiaomi; Southbound funds bought more than 1.2 billion Hong Kong dollars of Contemporary Amperex Technology.

On Friday, June 14th, southbound funds bought 5.807 billion HKD worth of Hong Kong stocks.

$TRACKER FUND OF HONG KONG (02800.HK)$, $CHINA MOBILE (00941.HK)$, $BANK OF CHINA (03988.HK)$They respectively received a net purchase of 934 million HKD, 471 million HKD, and 411 million HKD.

$HKEX (00388.HK)$, $XIAOMI-W (01810.HK)$, $BILIBILI-W (09626.HK)$They respectively suffered a net sale of 370 million HKD, 313 million HKD, and 166 million HKD.

  • Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited: The expansion of eligible ETFs for Shanghai-Hong Kong and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect will take effect on July 22.

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitedOn Friday, it was announced that the expansion of eligible ETFs under the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program will take effect on July 22, 2024. Earlier, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced new inclusion standards for Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect ETFs on April 19, 2024. This expansion will further enrich the product selection for Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect investors and facilitate asset diversification in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange will announce the latest list of eligible Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect ETFs and Hong Kong Stock Connect ETFs according to the new inclusion standards on July 12, 2024. The deadline for determining whether an ETF is eligible for inclusion is June 17, 2024.

  • Meituan: Shen Nanpeng resigned from the position of non-executive director.

$MEITUAN-W (03690.HK)$HKEX announced that after the end of the shareholders' annual meeting, Shen Nanpeng resigned from the position of non-executive director due to other work arrangements.

The company's overall sales volume in 2023 was 18,000 kiloliters, with a year-on-year increase of 28.10%, indicating significant growth. In terms of product structure, the operating income of products worth 10-30 billion yuan were 401/1288/60 million yuan respectively.

Keywords: China's industrial added value above a designated size, China's total retail sales of consumer goods, and the New York Fed Manufacturing Index.

On Monday, in terms of economic data, the United States will release the June New York Fed Manufacturing Index; China will release the scale of industrial added value for May, the total retail sales of consumer goods for May, the fixed assets of urban areas since the beginning of this year, and the urban survey unemployment rate for May.

In terms of financial and economic events, the National Bureau of Statistics will release a monthly report on the sales prices of residential buildings in 70 large and medium-sized cities; the State Council Information Office will hold a press conference on the operation of the national economy.

Regarding financial reports,$Lennar Corp (LEN.US)$The financial report will be released after market close on that day.

In terms of new stocks, US stocks $Kairos Pharma (KAPA.US)$will be listed soon.


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