Republican lawmakers revealed that Trump is ready to completely reverse Biden's electric vehicle policy. ·  Jun 16 16:12

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In March of this year, the United States Environmental Protection Agency released new vehicle emission standards for 2027 to 2032, which is the "most ambitious passenger vehicle greenhouse gas reduction plan" ever. Republican lawmakers told the media, "he (Trump) said policies will be completely reversed. He made it very, very clear where he stands - he opposes our existing policies."

According to media reports, former US president Donald Trump visited Congress on Thursday and met with Republican congressmen, holding a closed-door meeting with House Republicans.

According to attendees, Trump criticized current President Biden's electric vehicle policy at the meeting. He also stated that if he moves back into the White House in November, he will revoke these policies.

Idaho Republican Congressman Russ Fulcher told the media that Trump told the members of Congress that "all the authorizations of batteries and electrification by (Biden) are insane."

"He (Trump) said that all those policies will be completely reversed. He was very, very clear that he opposes our current policies," said Fulcher.

In March of this year, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released new vehicle emission standards for 2027 to 2032. Officials claimed that this is the US's "most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction plan for passenger vehicles ever."

Specifically, by 2032, the upper limit for new light vehicle emissions will be 85 grams per mile; while in 2027 it will be 170 grams per mile, with most emissions reductions coming after 2030.

Under the new regulations, auto manufacturers can meet the emissions requirements for 2032 by increasing the sales of pure electric vehicles to 56% of total sales, plug-in hybrid models account for 13% of total sales, and traditional combustion engine models account for 29% of total sales.

This Thursday, the American Petroleum and Ethanol Industry organization filed a lawsuit to block these emission standards, claiming that these limits are "illegal" and force automakers to sell electric vehicles.

Virginia Republican Congressman Morgan Griffith said Trump also complained about Biden's policy of forcing people to buy electric vehicles during the meeting. "He (Trump) said it was crazy and he was ready to do something about it," Griffith said.

Trump has repeatedly stated in the past that if he wins the election and takes office, he will repeal Biden's electric vehicle support policy. He has also often stated that electric cars are not feasible and will harm US industry and auto workers.

It is worth mentioning that earlier on Thursday, Elon Musk, in front of many fans and shareholders, greatly praised Trump, saying that the former president frequently calls him and is a "super fan" of the Tesla electric pickup truck, Cybertruck.$Tesla (TSLA.US)$Fans and shareholders greatly appreciate Donald Trump, the former president who often called and is a super fan of Tesla's electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck.


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