EXCLUSIVE: Biden Administration 'Let The SEC Go Unchecked,' Tether Co-Founder Says

Benzinga ·  Jun 14 20:33

TheJoe Bidenadministration has let the SEC go unchecked,Tether(CRYPTO: USDT) co-founderWilliam Quigleyon Friday said, has he expressed strong concerns about the current regulatory approach to cryptocurrency industry.

In an interview with Benzinga, Quigley highlighted the SEC's aggressive stance towards crypto companies, particularly under the leadership of ChairmanGary Gensler.

"Under Gensler, the SEC has not been friendly to crypto," he stated, pointing to the numerous lawsuits filed against major crypto companies likeCoinbase(NASDAQ:COIN) andRipple(CRYPTO: XRP).

Political And Regulatory Environment

Quigley criticized the Biden administration for allowing regulators to go...

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