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Daily options tracking: Nvidia options have a high volume! Multiple call orders earn about double the option premium; Musk wins big! Tesla call options are being snapped up.

Futu News ·  Jun 14 17:16

Key focus.

1,$NVIDIA (NVDA.US)$Rose 3.52% overnight, hitting another historical high! 5.65 million options were traded, with a call-to-put ratio of 60.7%. On the options chain, call options with a strike price of 129/130 USD expiring today were the most actively traded. In addition, multiple call options with a strike price range of 130.5-132 USD, expiring on the same day, earned about twice the option premium.

2,$Tesla (TSLA.US)$Rose nearly 3%, and at one point rose nearly 8% during yesterday's trading session. The stock's options trading volume increased by more than 60% compared to the previous day to 2.77 million contracts, with a call-to-put ratio rising for the fourth consecutive day to 65%. On the options chain, multiple call options were the most actively traded, including 170,000 call options expiring today with a strike price of 190 USD, with an open interest of 25,000 contracts.

Tesla's 2024 Annual Shareholders Meeting was held in Austin, Texas on Thursday US Eastern Time. Following a vote, Tesla shareholders approved CEO Musk's $56 billion compensation plan, and also supported Tesla's move of its registered office from Delaware to Texas. In addition, Musk said that Tesla's robot Optimus will bring in huge profits for the company, and starting next year, Tesla will have over 1,000 or even several thousand Optimus robots working at Tesla.

In just three days, its market cap increased by more than $300 billion, surpassing Microsoft to regain the top spot in the world. 2.41 million options were traded overnight, with a call-to-put ratio of 64%. Yesterday, large investors were competing to buy call options expiring on July 19 for Apple.$Apple (AAPL.US)$Rose over 14% overnight, and the stock has fluctuated significantly in recent times, with the daily volatility over the last 7 trading days staying above 10%. Options trading volume reached 1.02 million contracts, with a call-to-put ratio rising to 66.4%. The most actively traded option was the call option with a strike price of 30 USD expiring today, with a trading volume of 63,000 contracts.

4.$GameStop (GME.US)$Up more than 14% overnight, the stock has fluctuated significantly in recent days, with daily gains and losses of more than 10% in the past seven trading days. Options trading reached 1.02 million contracts, with a call-to-put ratio rising to 66.4%. Calls with a strike price of $30 expiring today led the trades, with a volume of 63,000 contracts.

According to the latest news, GameStop announced that the shareholder meeting will be postponed to 11:30 am Eastern Time on June 17th next week. According to media reports, Keith Gill's call options on GameStop have significantly shrunk in Wednesday's closing and Thursday's trading, indicating that he may have sold some of his hold positions, and Gill's bet on GameStop has decreased.

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Risk warning

Options are contracts that give the holder the right to buy or sell an asset at a fixed price on or before a specific date, without any obligation. The price of an option is influenced by various factors, including the current price of the underlying asset, exercise price, expiration time and implied volatility.

Implied volatility reflects the market's expectation for the future volatility of an option, and it is a signal of market sentiment derived from the option pricing model called Black-Scholes (BS). When investors expect greater volatility, they may be willing to pay a higher premium for an option to help hedge risks, thus resulting in a higher implied volatility.

Traders and investors use implied volatility to assess the attractiveness of option prices, identify potential mispricing, and manage risk exposure.


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