港股异动 | 电影概念股今日普涨 暑期文化娱乐消费旺季将至 暑期档重点影片丰富

Hong Kong stock market soared today; shares in the movie concept rose generally. The summer culture and entertainment consumption season is coming soon, and the focus will be on rich summer movies.

Zhitong Finance ·  Jun 14 15:37

According to the Zhong Tong Finance APP, movie-related concept stocks rose today. As of the time of publication, China Ruyi(00136) rose 8.41% to HKD2.19, Maoyan Entertainment(01896) rose 4.82% to HKD9.14, Ali Pictures(01060) rose 3.26% to HKD0.475, and Lehua Entertainment(02306) rose 4.76% to HKD0.66.

On the news front, the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival ended, and according to data from the Lighthouse Professional Edition, the total box office (including service fees) during the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival period reached 383 million yuan, and the total number of screenings reached 1.3912 million, the total number of screenings refreshed the record of the film and television Dragon Boat Festival period. Galaxy Securities pointed out that the number of films during the Dragon Boat Festival period increased slightly year-on-year, and the box office performance is relatively average; the summer schedule has rich key films, and the subsequent online performance is worth noting. The bank believes that the pre-epidemic inventory of domestic film companies has gradually been cleared, and the production and release of new films are steadily advancing. The willingness to watch movies by fans and audiences is gradually increasing. With joint efforts from both the supply and demand sides, it is bullish on the market performance of the large-cap movie industry in the subsequent year.

Central China Securities pointed out that with the end of the college entrance examination and the start of summer vacation, offline cultural and entertainment consumption will maintain strong demand. It is recommended to pay attention to the performance of the summer movie market. Recently, the films that have been confirmed for the summer schedule include "Haikyuu!! The Movie: Battle of Concepts", "Space Dog", "Minions: The Rise of Gru", "The Story of My Wife" and "White Snake 2." It is recommended to pay attention to the scheduling of films such as "Ne Zha" "Skr" and "Catch Doll".

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