Hong Kong stock market anomaly: electric power stocks are rising across the board, and many parts of the north are experiencing high temperatures above 40℃.

Gelonghui Finance ·  Jun 13 10:52
As of June 13, State Grid electric power stock in HK rose collectively. Among them, CGN Power and BJ Energy Intl. increased by more than 3%, China Longyuan, China Res Power, and China Power by more than 2%, Datang International Power Generation, Datang Renew, and JNCEC by more than 1%. On the news front, the northern region has officially entered the "barbecue" mode, and many places have welcomed high temperatures of over 40℃. It is reported that the high-temperature process with the widest impact range and the strongest intensity in the northern region since the beginning of this year will continue to exert its power.

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