龙源电力(00916.HK)获GIC Private Limited增持582.6万股

China Longyuan (00916.HK) gained a shareholding of 5.826 million shares from GIC Private Limited.

Gelonghui Finance ·  Jun 13 06:43

According to the latest equity disclosure information from Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, on June 7, 2024, China Longyuan Power (00916.HK) received GIC Private Limited's shareholding of 5.826 million shares on the exchange at an average price of HKD 8.0376 per share, involving about HKD 46.8271 million.

After the shareholding, the latest number of shares held by GIC Private Limited is 267,183,000, and the shareholding ratio has increased from 7.88% to 8.05%.


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