桑坦德银行计划建立消费者银行业务技术平台 作为降本增效战略的一部分

Banco Santander plans to establish a consumer banking business technology platform as part of its cost reduction and efficiency enhancement global strategy.

Gelonghui Finance ·  Jun 12 22:48
On June 12, Grelonghui reported that Ana Botin, the executive director of Santander Bank in Spain, said that the bank plans to launch the United States as a starting platform for its consumer customer service revision platform, which will be promoted globally. Most of Santander Bank's business relies on 10 key markets. It hopes to use its third-largest revenue market, the United States, to establish its own consumer banking business technology platform, including pure digital banking and consumer finance. Santander Bank is transitioning from legacy technology to cloud-based modern IT infrastructure, and the new platform is part of its broader strategy to save costs and increase profits through better technology and lower financing costs. Santander Bank did not disclose the cost of platform migration, but said it has saved 237 million euros since 2022, and saved 50 million euros in the first quarter alone due to technological upgrades.

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