Interpretation: Southbound funds increase positions in Bank of China, China Construction Bank Corporation, and CNOOC.

Gelonghui Finance ·  Jun 12 17:46

Today, southbound capital net bought Hong Kong stocks with a total value of 6.872 billion HKD. Among them, net purchases of Bank of China, China Construction Bank, CNOOC, Meituan, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, Tencent, and Wuxi Bio amounted to 412 million, 344 million, 340 million, 338 million, 184 million, 163 million, and 125 million HKD respectively.
According to statistics, southbound capital has been net buying China Mobile for 9 consecutive days, with a total of 7.49803 billion HKD; net buying Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation for 5 consecutive days, with a total of 810.27 million HKD; and net buying CNOOC for 4 consecutive days, with a total of 1.58003 billion HKD.

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