Effortlessly Master Barista-Style Coffee Creation at Home With the New Philips Barista Brew Semi-Auto and LatteGo Full-Auto Espresso and Coffee Machines

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The latest in coffee technology from Philips, semi-auto and full-auto machines empower coffee connoisseurs in the U.S. and Canada to unlock their inner barista, perfecting taste, aroma, and temperature with every cup

BOSTON, June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Bringing the elegance and sophistication of European coffee curation to the United States and Canada, Versuni North America today announced a new portfolio of semi-automatic and full-automatic espresso and coffee machines designed to meet consumers' needs. Introducing the new Philips Barista Brew Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine and the Philips Espresso 4400 and 5500 LatteGo, Full-Automatic Machines. These launches reflect Versuni's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, delivering advanced features that make premium coffee accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Philips Barista Brew Semi-Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machine
Philips Espresso 5500 Fully Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machine

Master barista-style coffee at home with the new Philips Barista Brew Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine from Versuni. Designed for effortless customization and superior quality, it allows coffee enthusiasts to experiment with different beans and perfectly frothed milk. Versuni is also expanding its coffee portfolio with the Philips 4400 and 5500 LatteGo Full-Automatic Machines, providing tools for creating café-quality beverages with ease.

"The Philips Barista Brew Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine and the 4400 and 5500 LatteGo Full-Automatic Machines are designed to cater to the evolving preferences of today's consumers," said Pieter Musters, consumer coffee innovation lead at Versuni. "We are witnessing a significant shift towards home coffee creations, driven by the desire for high-quality, customized coffee experiences without the hassle. Our new machines address this trend by offering both advanced features and user-friendly interfaces, making it easier than ever for consumers to enjoy barista-quality coffee at home whether they want to curate the perfect coffee creation for their guests or enjoy a perfect convenient latte on the go."

Philips Barista Brew Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine
The Philips Barista Brew Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine brings the art of barista-style coffee making into the comfort of your home with unparalleled features and ease of use. With Philips Barista Brew, users receive feedback from the machine's pressure gauge to confirm the right settings are being used, allowing coffee drinkers to learn how to achieve their perfect cup with their favorite type of beans. This innovative machine combines state-of-the-art technology with intuitive design, featuring a user-friendly interface, adjustable settings for grind size and brew strength, and a powerful steam wand for creating perfectly frothed milk.

Key features of the Philips Barista Brew Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine include:

  • Dual Bean Container: Experiment with multiple beans and discover your ultimate grounds.
  • 58mm Stainless Steel Portafilter: Provides superior coffee and crema through more coffee powder volume and consistent results.
  • Temperature Perfection Milk Jug: Achieve perfectly frothed milk at the ideal temperature.
  • Premium Calibrated Tamper: Ensure precise tamping pressure designed to help you achieve a perfectly balanced and consistent espresso every time.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple controls and settings make coffee creation effortless.

With its sleek and compact design, the Barista Brew ensures you can craft café-quality espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos effortlessly, making it the ideal addition to any coffee lover's kitchen. Accessories include SS calibrated tamper, single and double wall filter, espresso stand, and milk jug with temperature indication. The built-in steam wand lets users discover their favorite way to froth milk and create latte art.

Philips Espresso 4400 and 5500 LatteGo Full-Automatic Machines
The Philips Espresso 4400 and 5500 LatteGo full-automatic machines bring unparalleled convenience and quality to home coffee making. Both models feature a built-in ceramic grinder for optimal grind size and rich, consistent espresso, enhanced SilentBrew Technology for 40%* quieter brewing experience. With the 5500 model home users Can enjoy 20 hot and iced coffee and latte recipes at the touch of a button. The 4400 model allows consumers to enjoy 12 hot and iced coffee recipes at the touch of a button. Both models provide an elevated experience with a larger, full-color touch display and the innovative LatteGo system, which froths milk to perfection and is easy to clean, enabling one-touch preparation of lattes and cappuccinos. They also provide customizable settings for coffee strength, volume, and temperature, allowing users to personalize their beverages. With their sleek designs, advanced functionalities, and the added benefits of SilentBrew, QuickStart Technology, and LatteGo, the Philips Espresso 4400 and 5500 deliver café-quality coffee with ease.

Key features of the Philips 4400 and 5500 LatteGo Full-Automatic Machines include:

  • LatteGo Milk System: The fastest-to-clean milk system, ensuring easy maintenance.
  • Hot and Cold Coffee Creations: Enjoy a variety of hot and iced coffee creations at the touch of a button at home.
  • SilentBrew Technology: Reduces brewing noise by 40%** for a quieter experience.
  • QuickStart Technology: Enjoy your coffee faster with minimal time wasted.
  • Intuitive Display: Easy coffee selection with customizable settings and colored icons.
  • HomeID App Integration: Access step-by-step instructions and popular coffee recipes through the app.

Pricing and Availability

Philips Barista Brew Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is available for $649 on and other major retailers. Philips LatteGo Full-Automatic Espresso Machines are available starting at $999.95 directly from Versuni Philips Home Appliances - Philips 4400 LatteGo and Philips 5500 LatteGo and other major retailers.

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* When compared to previous Philips espresso machines

About Versuni
Versuni's purpose is to turn houses into homes. As a house of home appliances brands, Versuni markets Philips, Philips Walita, Preethi, Senseo, L'OR Barista, Saeco, and Gaggia. With more than 900 patents to its name, Versuni's portfolio spans coffee and kitchen appliances, garment care, climate care, floor care, and home safety. Products under the Philips brand include the Airfryer, Espresso Machine with LatteGo, PerfectCare Steam Generator, Air, and AquaTrio Cordless Vacuum. Versuni is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has innovation, manufacturing, and commercial centers across the globe, with a footprint in over 100 countries.

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