Lula Launches Foresight: Revolutionary AI Work Order Management System for Property Maintenance

PR Newswire ·  Jun 10 21:00

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Lula, a leading innovator in the proptech industry, proudly announces the launch of Foresight, a groundbreaking AI-powered work order management system designed to transform maintenance operations for residential property managers and investors. Foresight stands out as a unique solution, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate scheduling, optimize workflows, and significantly enhance operational efficiency. This comprehensive software streamlines work order and vendor management, boosts technician utilization, and maximizes profitability on every work order.

Key Features of Foresight:

  1. Automated Work Order Scheduling: Seamlessly schedules maintenance tasks, reducing manual intervention and errors.
  2. AI-Powered Triage and Scoping: Utilizes AI to prioritize and scope work orders efficiently.
  3. W2 and 1099 Technician Management: Manages both full-time and contract technicians with ease.
  4. AI Assistant: Provides real-time support and insights to maintenance coordinators.
  5. Custom Integrations: Integrates with existing property management systems for a seamless workflow.
  6. Robust Quoting and Invoicing: Streamlines the financial aspects of maintenance operations.
  7. Built-In Vendor Support: Lula's network of contractors is integrated into Foresight to give operators a steady and reliable backup system when they need vendor support.

Bo Lais, CEO and Founder of Lula, expressed his enthusiasm for the new software, stating, "Foresight is a game-changer in the property maintenance space. It combines work order management, fleet management, and AI capabilities into a single platform, providing consistent and transparent data. We believe Foresight will enable property managers and investors to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and profitability in their maintenance operations."

About Lula: Lula is a pioneering proptech company dedicated to driving innovation in property maintenance. With a mission to streamline and enhance maintenance operations, Lula provides cutting-edge solutions that empower property managers and investors to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Lula is currently piloting the software with a group of early adopters. If you want to join the waitlist and learn more, visit our website.


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