China Logistics Group shareholder equity disclosure | June 10th

Zhitong Finance ·  Jun 10 08:05

Hong Kong Stock Shareholder Equity Disclosure | June 10

According to the data displayed on the Intelligence Finance APP, IMAX CHINA (01970) and CMS (00867) announced their latest shareholder equity disclosure on June 10, 2024.

Stock NameInstitution nameNatureShareholding before changeShareholding after changeShareholding ratio
IMAX CHINA (01970)Athanasopoulos JimmyGood Warehouse2.1414 million shares2.0877 million shares0.61% (latest)
0.63% (previous)
CMS (00867)Sea LimitedGood Warehouse1.149 billion shares. 1.15 billion shares47.12% (latest)
47.08% (previous)
CMS (00867)Lin GangGood Warehouse1.149 billion shares. 1.15 billion shares47.12% (latest)
47.08% (previous)

Note: Changes in shareholding may be caused by issues such as offering new shares, merger, stock split, etc. Please pay attention to actual situation for differentiation.

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