Zhitong A Share Sale Restriction and Release List | June 3

Zhitong Finance ·  Jun 3 09:00

On June 3, a total of 31 listed companies had their restricted shares lifted, with a total market value of approximately 22.1 billion yuan.

The specific situation of restricted share unlocks today is as follows:

Stock AbbreviationStock CodeRestricted Share TypeUnlocked Shares
China Tungsten and High-tech Materials000657Stock-based incentive restricted circulation720,600
Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics600460Increased A-share issuance for original shareholders and listing248 million
Wuxi Huaguang Environment & Energy Group600475Stock-based incentive restricted circulation7.7593 million
Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group600967Stock-based incentive restricted circulation6.6331 million
Zhejiang Founder Motor002196Stock-based incentive restricted circulation10.4955 million
New Huadu Supercenter002264Stock-based incentive restricted circulation512,600
Shanghai Xinpeng Industry002328Stock-based incentive restricted circulation700,000
Dayu Irrigation Group300021Stock-based incentive restricted circulation571,300
Hainan Mining601969Stock-based incentive restricted circulation3.8385 million
Jafron Biomedical300529Stock-based incentive restricted circulation72,000
Huadian Heavy Industries601226Stock-based incentive restricted circulation3.8178 million
Guangdong Saca Precision Manufacturing300464Stock-based incentive restricted circulation5.76 million
Eoptolink Technology Inc.300502Restricted circulation of stock-based incentives1,102,000
Zhejiang Tuna Environmental Science & Technology603177Restricted circulation of stock-based incentives1,628,000
Pulian Software300996Restricted circulation of pre-issue shares78,901,100
Apichope Pharmaceutical300723Restricted circulation of stock-based incentives375,000
Shanghai Hi-Road Food Technology300915Restricted circulation of pre-issue shares64,800,000
Happy Home300997Restricted circulation of pre-issue shares360 million
Xiangteng New Materials001373Restricted circulation of shares before issue.18.3152 million.
Super Jet Co., Ltd.301005Restricted circulation of shares before issue.58.4954 million.
Xin Hongye.301310Restricted circulation of shares before issue.7.4387 million.
Jiangsu Boyun.301003Restricted circulation of shares before issue.2.04 million.
China National Machinery Inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd.301508A-share issuance legal person placement listed.2.2635 million.
Ningbo Founder Technology Co., Ltd.300998Restricted circulation of shares before issue.8.4 million.
memsensing microsystems(suzhou, china)co.,ltd.688286229.5 thousand.
Chengdu M&S Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.688311158,800
Shengnuo Biotechnology68811745,778,600
Yingke Regeneration688087380,900
Aerospace Universe68852348,900,900
New Phase Micro688593245 million
Gaohua Technology688539450,000

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