美股异动|台积电盘前跌超1.9% 业界预期超微3纳米晶圆代工或交付三星

Changes in US stocks | TSMC fell more than 1.9% before, and the industry expects ultra-fine 3 nm wafers to be foundry or delivered to Samsung

Gelonghui Finance ·  May 29 17:12
GLONGHUI May 29 | TSM.US (TSM.US) US stocks fell more than 1.9% in the premarket to $156.35. According to the news, recent analysis in the Korean securities industry suggests that Samsung Electronics may receive a 3 nm foundry order from Ultramico. The reasons include considering TSMC's production capacity (limited). Additionally, Ultrafine mentioned that ring gate (GAA) transistor structures will be used starting at 3nm to improve efficiency and performance. Currently, Samsung Electronics is the only company that uses a GAA structure at 3 nm.

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