交通运输部:5月20日-26日全国邮政快递累计揽收量约35.93亿件 环比增长7.29%

Ministry of Transport: From May 20 to 26, the cumulative collection volume of postal express delivery across the country was about 3,593 billion pieces, up 7.29% month-on-month

Zhitong Finance ·  May 27 13:38

From May 20 to May 26, the national freight logistics run in an orderly manner.

The Zhitong Finance App learned that on May 27, according to monitoring and summary data from the Office of the State Council's Leading Group for Logistics Maintenance and Security, from May 20 to May 26, the country's freight logistics operated in an orderly manner. Among them, the cumulative volume of postal express delivery was about 3,593 billion units, an increase of 7.29% over the previous month; the cumulative delivery volume was about 3.41 billion units, an increase of 5.21% over the previous month.

National Railways transported a total of 77.016 million tons of cargo, an increase of 0.62%; a cumulative total of 54.287 million trucks passed on highways across the country, a decrease of 1.81%; the monitoring port completed a cumulative cargo throughput of 257.351 million tons, an increase of 0.75% over the previous month, and completed a total of 6.189 million TEUs, an increase of 4.09% over the previous month; civil aviation guaranteed 116,000 flights (including 4,467 cargo flights, including 2,695 international cargo flights and 1,772 domestic cargo flights), an increase of 0.15% over the previous month.

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