本周港股牛股 | 完成3亿美元债兑付,金辉控股本周累涨近四成;煤炭股齐拉升,兖煤澳大利亚涨超6%

Hong Kong stock bullish stocks this week | Completed the payment of US$300 million debt. Jinhui Holdings rose nearly 40% this week; coal stocks rose sharply, and Yancoal Australia rose more than 6%

Futu News ·  May 25 11:00

Editor's note:“This Week's Bullish Stocks in Hong Kong and the US”The section closely follows market trends every week, takes stock of the weekly performance of the Hong Kong and US stock markets, helps bulls sort through the week's hot sectors, strong individual stocks, and major news, and find profitable investment topics.

The three major indices of Hong Kong stocks fluctuated and declined this week, and the weekly K line of the Hang Seng Index fell, ending the previous four-week continuous upward trend.

By the close, the Hang Seng Index and the State-owned Enterprises Index had a cumulative decline of 4.83% and 4.75% throughout the week, to close at 18608.94 points and 6605.24 points; the Hang Seng Technology Index had a cumulative decline of 7.61% throughout the week to close at 3799.47 points.

Ping An Securities pointed out that since April, the main line of the market has switched from “fundamentals” to “liquidity,” and Hong Kong stocks have benefited from this round of global capital rebalancing. With the help of the introduction of superimposed policies, the allocation window has arrived, focusing on the three main lines of dividend+going overseas and the Internet.

Industry insiders said that the current multiple benefits are boosting the recovery of Hong Kong stocks, and the attractiveness of Hong Kong stocks is expected to continue to increase in the long run. Investors don't need to worry too much about the recent pullback. Looking at it for a long time, now may be a good time to lay out the layout.

Completed payment of US$300 million debt, real estate developer$RADIANCE HLDGS (09993.HK)$During the week, it soared by more than 82% in a single day, and this week it has climbed nearly 40%.

Jinhui Holdings previously announced that the company has settled all credit bonds issued on the open market. According to information, in July 2023, Jinhui Holdings completed the liquidation of domestic credit debt. In addition to the payment of 300 million US dollars of foreign debt this time, all of the company's public bonds have already been paid.

According to reports, Jinhui Holdings is a real estate developer that mainly provides residential properties for buyers. Its business covers the Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim, Southeast China, Pearl River Delta, Southwest China, Central China, East China, and Northwest China. It has four major brand series: Uber, Cloud, Mingxing, and Metropolitan.

The results are impressive,$LENOVO GROUP (00992.HK)$It was favored by the capital, and many celebrities sang after the results.

Lenovo Group announced its fourth quarter and full year results for the 2023/2024 fiscal year. Among them, revenue for the fourth fiscal quarter was 99.4 billion yuan, up nearly 10% year on year; main business fully resumed growth, with net profit of 1.78 billion yuan, up 118% year on year.

HSBC said that Lenovo Group's short-term growth is still moderate, but the PC upgrade cycle from 2025 to 2026 is expected to be strong. In the long run, the bank expects the PC replacement and upgrade cycle to accelerate the profitability recovery of the company's Smart Device Business (IDG) division in the 2025 to 2026 fiscal year. The target price was raised from $11.7 to $13.5, maintaining the “buy” rating.

A number of coal stocks rose sharply this week. Among them,$YANCOAL AUS (03668.HK)$,$SHOUGANG RES (00639.HK)$This week's average increase was around 6%.

The agency pointed out that in May, power companies need to start stocking up to “welcome the peak of summer,” and it is expected that electricity procurement will improve. Furthermore, the impact of production site safety inspections continues to exceed expectations, compounded by the withdrawal of old mines, and raw coal production is expected to drop by 100 million tons throughout the year. However, the contraction in supply will amplify the supply-demand conflict during the peak demand season in the electricity industry, so it is expected that coal prices will rebound again.

On the other hand, the weakest performing stocks this week are as follows:


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