The Nikkei Average later started at 425 yen depreciation, and Fuji Electric, Kasumigaseki Capital, etc. fell

Fisco Japan ·  May 24 12:03

[Nikkei Stock Average TOPIX (table)]

Nikkei average; 38677.61; -425.61

TOPIX; 2745.08; -9.67

[Backside Overview]

The backstage Nikkei Average started at 38677.61 yen, which was 425.61 yen lower than the previous day, slightly reducing the decline from the previous draw (38649.15 yen). Nikkei 225 futures during lunchtime fit in the 38660 yen to 38720 yen range. The dollar and yen depreciated by about 10 yen from around 9:00 a.m., and the dollar was at a high level of 1 dollar = 157.00-05 yen. As for Asian market conditions, while the Shanghai Composite Index moved forward and backward with the previous day's closing price in between, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index expanded its decline in the negative zone and fell by about 0.9%.

The backstage of the Tokyo market began with buying slightly ahead of the previous closing. The fact that Dow Jones Industrial Average futures have remained steady due to overtime trading seems to be a sense of security in the Tokyo market. On the other hand, there are no notable purchasing materials in Japan, and since it is a weekend, there is also a tendency to forego aggressive purchases.

In the sector, securities commodity futures, mining, and real estate industries are at the top of the rate of decline, while the electric/gas industry, steel, and non-ferrous metals are at the top of the rate of increase.

Fuji Electric <6504>, Micronics <6871>, Socionext <6526>, Lasertech <6920>, Advantest <6857>, Screen HD <7735>, Roze <6323>, Kasumigaseki Capital <3498>, East Elec <8035>, and SoftBank G <9984> have declined. Meanwhile, Hokkai Electric Power Company <9509>, Fujikura <5803>, Kawasaki Shigeru <7012>, Hitachi <6501>, Kansai Electric <9503>, Mitsubishi Electric <6503>, Renesas <6723>, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical <4967>, and Daiichi Sankyo <4568> are rising.

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