盘中速览 | 科指跌超2%;生物技术板块大跌,康方生物跌超37%

Intraday Overview | The Tech Index fell more than 2%; the biotech sector plummeted, and Kangfang Biotech fell more than 37%

Futu News ·  May 24 10:44

Futu News On May 24, the three major indices of Hong Kong stocks declined weakly. As of press release, the Hang Seng Index fell 1.36%, the Science Index fell 2.14%, and the National Index fell 1.51%.

On the sector side, TechNet stocks declined weakly, with Shell and Bilibili falling more than 11%, Ali Health falling more than 4%, and Xiaomi Group, JD Group, Meituan, and JD Health falling more than 3%.

The biotechnology sector plummeted, with Kangfang Biotech falling more than 37%, Zaiding Pharmaceuticals and Rongchang Biotech falling more than 7%, and BeiGene, Colenbotai Biotech, Lepu Biotech, and Lai Kai Pharmaceuticals falling more than 6%.

Domestic housing stocks generally fell, with Jinhui Holdings falling more than 17%, Ocean Group falling 8%, Xuhui Holding Group, Shimao Group, and R&F Real Estate falling more than 7%, and China's Jinmao and Sunac China falling more than 6%.

Power stocks bucked the trend. Huadian International Power Co., Ltd. and Datang Power rose more than 4%, while Huaneng International Power Co., Ltd., China Resources Electric Power, and China Electric Power rose more than 2%.

Auto stocks declined, with NIO falling more than 7%, Great Wall Motors and Zero Sports by more than 3%, and Xiaopeng Motors and BYD shares falling by more than 2%.

Catering stocks declined weakly. Tea from Taixing Group, Xiabuxiabu, Yum Sheng China, Jiumaojiu, and Nai Xue all fell by more than 3%, while Haidilao and Helens fell nearly 3%.

In terms of individual stocks,$BILIBILI-W (09626.HK)$It fell by more than 11%. First-quarter revenue increased 12% year over year, and net loss increased 21.4% year over year.

$XIAOMI-W (01810.HK)$It fell more than 3%, and Q1 revenue was 75.507 billion yuan, up 27.0% year on year.

$NTES-S (09999.HK)$It rose more than 2%. First-quarter revenue increased 7.2% year over year, and net profit increased 13% year over year.

$BEKE-W (02423.HK)$The decrease was more than 11%. Revenue for the first quarter was RMB 16.4 billion, down 19.2% year on year; adjusted net profit was RMB 1,392 million.


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