The Nikkei Average started at 597 yen depreciation, and Socionext, TEPCO HD, etc. fell

Fisco Japan ·  May 24 08:35

[Nikkei Stock Average TOPIX (table)]

Nikkei Average; 38506.03; -597.19

TOPIX; 2718.41; -36.34

[Snuggle Overview]

The Nikkei Average on the 24th fell to 38506.03 yen, which depreciated 597.19 yen, and trading began. The US stock market continued to decline on the previous day, the 23rd. The Dow average closed at 39065.26 dollars, down 605.78 dollars, and the Nasdaq closed at 16736.04, which fell 65.50 points. Semiconductor NVIDIA's favorable financial results led to an improvement in investor sentiment, and it remained steady. After that, long-term interest rates rose due to employment-related indicators and PMI being stronger than expected and expectations of interest rate cuts receding, and the upper price of the market was suppressed.

Furthermore, Boeing's decline weighed on the Dow, pushing down the index further and turning into a decline, and remained soft throughout the day. The NASDAQ remained strong in the early stages, but towards the end, profit-taking sales ahead of consecutive holidays also became heavy and turned to a decline.

Sales took precedence in the Tokyo stock market today. The fact that the Dow average depreciated yesterday in the US stock market weighed on stock prices in the Tokyo market. Also, in addition to the fact that there is a sense of pride in domestic long-term interest rates, the rise in long-term US interest rates in overseas markets yesterday was a factor that made people aware of the relative high price of stock prices in the Tokyo market.

Meanwhile, the Dow average fell 1.53% to a drastic depreciation in the US stock market yesterday, but the Philadelphia Semiconductor Stock Index (SOX Index), which consists of major semiconductor-related stocks, fell only 0.02%, which became a supporting factor for semiconductor-related stocks in the Tokyo market. Also, the fact that 1 dollar is = 156 yen 90 yen in the foreign exchange market and that the yen continues to depreciate and the dollar is at a high level was a factor supporting stock prices such as export stocks in the Tokyo market, but sales dominated during the donation stage.

Note that in the April National Consumer Price Index (CPI), which was announced before the start of trading, the composite index excluding fresh food rose 2.2% from the same month last year. The median market forecast compiled by QUICK was up 2.2% from the same period.

By sector, prices have dropped for all industries. Petroleum and coal products, electric/gas businesses, wholesale businesses, insurance businesses, transportation equipment, etc. are at the top of the price drop rate. Socionext <6526>, TEPCO HD <9501>, Advantest <6857>, Fast Lite <9983>, TOWA <6315>, Komatsu <6301>, Mitsui Mono <8031>, ITOCHU <8001>, SoftBank G <9984>, Toelec <8035>, Tokio Marine <8766>, Laser Tech <6920>, etc. have declined. Meanwhile, Shiseido (4911), Nintendo (7974), etc. are rising.

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