前日に動いた銘柄 part2 リベルタ、京極運輸、YEデジタルなど

Brands that moved the day before part 2 Liberta, Kyogoku Transport, YE Digital, etc.

Fisco Japan ·  May 23 06:32

<コード>Stock name closing price on the 22nd ⇒ compared to the previous day

Asahi Intec <7747> 2159.5 -77.5

We are also wary of reimbursement price revisions for specific insurance medical materials, etc.

Menicon <7780> 1289 -75

They were sold out of hand due to low price rivalry going downwards.

eGuarantee <8771> 1320 -45

After the consensus downward guidance, sales dominance developed.

Unitika <3103> 245 -12

There is also a sense of accomplishment once the high price has been updated.

Chugai Pharmaceutical <4519> 4846 -190

Mizuho Securities lowered its target stock price.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills <3864> 730 -37

Are they conscious of the weight of the upper price and gather to take advantage?

Daifuku <6383> 2946.0 -132

Also in the trend of aiming to fill in the February window.

East Electric <8035> 36180 -450

Semiconductor-related prices are heavy ahead of NVIDIA's financial results announcement.

Liberta <4935> 1010 +150

Will the joint development of the clothing “Ice Attack α” continue to be viewed as a material?

Kyogoku Unyu <9073> 902 +150

Did speculations of restructuring spread to one corner of transportation stocks?

Run System <3326> 497 +80

Sales of the Run-Multi Carrier Connect “RMC100” will begin.

YE digital <2354> 756 +100

Announced a business partnership with Toyota Loom.

Chiyoken <6366> 306 -42

Major rice plant companies have applied for Chapter 11.

Brackets <4166> 760 -42

An English address correction function has been released for the fraudulent order detection service.

Oncolis<4588> 622 +0

The US FDA has designated the LINE-1 inhibitor “OBP-601” as a fast track. The upper price is heavy.

Cybersecurity <4493> 2390 -66

In response to the start of providing cloud-based WAAP services, they bought 21 days in advance, but the price increase is heavy

The 22nd is moving to break through the 200-day line.

BASE<4477> 318 -3

The “YouTube adds base to EC service” report will continue to be viewed as material

Sales are also at a high level at higher prices.

Ecomot <3987> 438 -13

With the start of cooperation with Fukui Computer's civil engineering construction management system, it also became popular at 1:00 on the 21st

Sales were dominant on the 22nd without continuing to buy.

Business Coach <9562> 1628 -277

They stopped high for 2 consecutive days until the 21st and bought ahead, but they stalled.

IDEMY <5577> 1788 +95

Certified as a partner company for NVIDIA's AI startup support program.

QPS Research Institute <5595> 3145 -105

It also became popular on the 21st due to the acceptance of a satellite launch order from the Ministry of Defense for advance verification

The upper price was heavy, and sales were dominant on the 22nd.

Eyes <5242> 2050 +115

Buying popularity continued at a high stop for 2 consecutive days until the 21st.

Selling internet ads <9235> 2510 -152

It became popular on the 21st with the opening of a store page on “Amazon in the US.” Sales advantage on the 22nd.

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