Abits Group Hash Rates Went From ~285 PH/s At The Beginning Of The Quarter To Nearly 325 PH/s By Its End; Sees Further Growth In Q2 Projecting Hash Rates To Exceed 360 PH/s With The Introduction Of A New Hydro Dry-Cooled Line.

Benzinga ·  May 23 04:17

During Q1 2024, Abits Group saw a substantial growth in its Bitcoin mining capacity. The company's hash rates surged from approximately 285 PH/s at the beginning of the quarter to nearly 325 PH/s by its end, driven the successful launch of new production lines. For Q2, Abits Group anticipates further growth, projecting hash rates to exceed 360 PH/s with the introduction of a new Hydro Dry-Cooled line.

In addition to operational accomplishments, Abits Group completed key infrastructure projects in Q1, including the expansion of a 1 MW facility in March and the construction of a 100,000-gallon water reservoir to enhance production stability. This strategic investment ensures uninterrupted operations during maintenance cycles, reducing downtime and optimizing efficiency.

The workforce at the LaFollette site remains stable, with four dedicated employees who continually enhance their expertise to support Abits Group's objectives.

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