前日に動いた銘柄 part2 日本KFC、伊勢化学工業、アイズなど

Brands that moved the day before part 2 Japan KFC, Ise Chemical, Eyes, etc.

Fisco Japan ·  May 22 06:32

<コード>Stock name closing price on the 21st ⇒ compared to the previous day

iStyle <3660> 453 -25

Supply and demand factors for short-term funds took the lead.

Daikin Industries <6367> 23615 -1160

It is also a development where profit-taking sales gather in the high price range.

Nexera Pharma <4565> 1413 -57

Close-out sales prevailed by breaking through the April lower price support line.

Appier Group <4180> 1273 -74

Growth markets and the like fell on the 21st.

eGuarantee <8771> 1365 -86

After the consensus downward guidance, sales dominance developed.

TOWA <6315> 13260 -560

The rate of increase since the beginning of the month was high, and profit-taking sales had an advantage.

Katsuragawa Electric <6416> 1145 +150

A sense of security when buying by eliminating risk notes.

Japan KFC <9873> 6400 +1000

Carlisle G announced TOB at 6500 yen per share.

Ise Chemical Industries <4107> 23900 +2880

There is interest as a perovskite solar cell-related stock.

Up Garage Group <7134> 935 +82

The daily high price chase continues in the wake of financial results announcements.

Namura Shipbuilding <7014> 2039 +130

Is it a situation where the buyback trend is getting stronger?

Yamato Indah <7886> 1650 -304

Concerned about dilution due to the issuance of stock acquisition rights.

Sumiseki HD <1514> 1900-454

There is also a short-term sense of overheating due to daily stock price rebounds.

Cybersecurity <4493> 2456 +1

Launched cloud-based WAAP service. It's ahead of time to buy, but the upper price is heavy.

Ecomot <3987> 451 -5

With the start of cooperation with Fukui Computer's civil engineering construction management system

It started rising, but buying didn't continue.

T&S <4055> 1740 -79

A subsidiary responsible for recruiting, hiring, and educating engineers was newly established, and sales were excellent on the 20th and became popular on the 21st


Eyes <5242> 1935 +400

The acquisition of patents for platform technology in the advertising industry continues to be a clue.

LaboroAI <5586> 1530 +95

It passed above the 25th line and the 75th line with a 20-day stop-high. Driven by momentum, it continued to increase drastically for 21 days.

Eltes <3967> 831 +16

Together with Dentsu Research Institute, a comprehensive partnership agreement was signed with Yawatahama City in Ehime Prefecture to promote DX with local governments.

AHC Group <7083> 921 +150

They are driven by profit-taking sales even if they are ahead of the 20-day high stoppage.

yutori<5892> 2685 -1

Continue to open 2 physical stores for the street brand “9090”

They bought ahead of time as a clue, but stalled.

Kudan<4425> 2606 -21

It started when it stopped high on the 20th and gained momentum, but it stalled.

TKP<3479> 1503 +25

Interest in Lilikara will increase from the 20th due to TOB.

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