Red Door Community Raises More Than $300,000 at Their Annual Luncheon Celebrating Women Working and Living With Cancer

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Free cancer support programs get a boost, and Red Door Community member announces a run

NEW YORK, May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On Wednesday, May 15, Red Door Community hosted their annual Celebrating Women Working and Living with Cancer Luncheon at the Metropolitan Club in New York City. The event raised more than $300,000 while shining a light on the women who inspire us through their daily courage and leadership.

More than 175 guests attended the event, including Red Door Community donors, corporate allies, and members who participate in the free cancer support programs. The gathering brought together people from all walks of life to socialize and learn about the organization's initiatives that are designed to supplement clinical cancer treatments with essential psychosocial support.

Hosted by Gerri Willis, author and correspondent with Fox Business News, who shared her own experience with cancer, the event featured several key speakers. The first was a formal introduction of new CEO Dan Latore, who spoke to the uniqueness of Red Door Community's work, as it "provides unwavering support at every stage of the cancer experience, so no one faces cancer alone" and he shared his vision for the future of the organization that will "be built on the core ideals of community, trust, and respect."

The Red Door Award for Leadership was presented to Jami Rubin, former Board Director, long-time executive in the biopharmaceutical industry, and current Chief Financial Officer at Boundless Bio. Her remarks included the topic of risk-taking, like the business risks that are required to drive innovation in oncology, and the emotional risks Red Door Community members take as a part of their program: "They commit to total honesty with each other. They share their experiences with each other even when it's very painful. They don't know how they will respond to their treatment. They don't know how much time they have left. They hold nothing back."

The star of the show was Red Door Community member, LaDawn Jefferson. A single mother residing in Brooklyn and living with advanced cancer. She talked about her experience with cancer, from the impersonal way she learned of her diagnosis to the repeated treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. She said her cancer diagnosis did not excuse her from her roles as "chef, counselor, referee, mediator, and mother, who must continue to nurture and love her children no matter what type of day she was having." LaDawn had no one to share her feelings with until she found Red Door Community.

LaDawn went on about Red Door Community and said, "I was welcomed with open arms, and I felt right at home. I had the freedom to open up and get out all that was buried in me. I was finally able to speak to people who understood the mental battles in my head, the self-image issues, and the fear of dying. I know that in my group I can talk about anything and not be judged for my thoughts or feelings."

Before she was introduced to Red Door Community, LaDawn's only outlet for her feelings was her journal, where her first entry talked about her fears and how she was being perceived by people on the outside. She continued referencing her entry, "however, inside, I just want to run like hell. The only catch is, the cancer will run with me because it is inside of me. I NEED HELP, PLEASE HELP ME. Well, Red Door did just that...from day one."

Run she will. In a stunning announcement, LaDawn announced that she will be running in this year's TCS NYC Marathon as a part of the Red Door Runners, a team that is running to raise money on behalf of Red Door Community. Her inspiring words were met with thunderous applause, and she invited the audience to come out and cheer the team on. She ended her speech with a simple "thank you for your support."

To support LaDawn and thousands of other Red Door Community members, visit:

About Red Door Community

Red Door Community is a leading cancer support organization whose mission is to create a welcoming community of FREE cancer support to bring knowledge, hope, and empowerment to anyone and everyone impacted by cancer and their families including adults, teens, and children. Visit to learn how you can support or become a member of Red Door Community today.


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