前日に動いた銘柄 part2 住石HD、アルファ、クリアルなど

Brands that moved the day before part 2 Sumiseki HD, Alpha, Clear, etc.

Fisco Japan ·  May 18 06:32

<コード>Stock name closing price on the 17th ⇒ compared to the previous day

CyberAgent (4751) 1030.5 -46

The reaction was weak due to the decline in the ranking of “Gakuen Idolmaster.”

Kotobuki Spirits<2222> 1713.5 -64

The announcement of visitors to Japan in April has also passed, making it difficult to understand the immediate future.

Daifuku <6383> 3115 -141

Is sales pressure waiting to return strong due to a temporary rise after financial results were announced?

Mitsui Marine Development <6269> 2804 -94

Supply and demand concerns continue due to stock sales.

Tsuburaya Fi HD <2767> 1612 -52

After a temporary rise due to the announcement of financial results, it ran out and the sentiment advantage continued.

Resonac (4004) 3606 -105

After the financial results were announced, everything went out and the trend was dominant.

East Electric <8035> 36090 -730

US Applied was ahead of sales outside of hours after financial results were announced.

Nichiryoku <7578> 235 +20

A rebound from a sense of caution when rushing in.

Yamadai <7426> 18145 +237

There are no ingredients, but it is a brand that is easy to be manipulated.

Sumiseki HD <1514> 1954 +400

The capital and business alliance with Aso continues to be viewed as material.

Pepper Food Service <3053> 135 +14

There is also a review of the first quarter current account deficit reduction financial results.

Alpha <4760> 1855 -500

The reaction continues, which has skyrocketed for no reason.

Rare Jobs <6096> 485 -100

The dividend reduction plan for the current fiscal year continues to be viewed as sales material.

HORII FOOD<3077> 340 -52

The implementation of discount TOB will be announced.

Almedio (7859) 482 -94

The forecast for a sharp decline in current account profit for the current fiscal year continues to be negative.

Kringle<4884> 650 +76

Clinical trial facility added for HGF phase 3 clinical trial targeting vocal cord scarring.

Coconala <4176> 396 -13

The earnings forecast for the fiscal year ending 24/8 was revised upward, and buying ahead was also stalled.

Architects SJ <6085> 540 -62

It stopped high on the 16th due to a business alliance with a Singaporean design firm. Sales were dominant on the 17th.

yutori<5892> 2375 +71

Operating profit forecast for the fiscal year ending 25/3 increased by 30.4%, making it popular on the 16th. Ahead of purchase on the 17th.

First A <5588> 1275 -87

Operating profit increased 50.8% in the first quarter and became popular on the 16th. Sales advantage on the 17th.

Human T <5621> 1260 +57

Even as momentum for the rebound increases, the 75-day line blocks an increase in price.

Clear <2998> 4965 +295

Expectations are high above the 200-day line and the 75-day line.

tripla<5136> 1435 +65

An official website creation service for lodging facilities has started to be provided, and even if they are purchased, the upper price is heavy.

LPF (7091) 1165 -23

Expectations are high above the 75-day line on the 16th, but even though it temporarily surpassed the 200-day line on the 17th, they were unable to maintain it.

GNI <2160> 2178 -245

Operating profit for the first quarter was 5.7 times higher, and it became popular on the 16th, but it stalled. Sales are ahead of schedule on the 17th.

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