The NY market on the 17th was mixed

Fisco Japan ·  May 18 05:41

[NYDOW · NASDAQ · CME (table)]

NYDOW; 40003.59; +134.21

Nasdaq; 16685.97; −12.35

CME225; 38745; +5 (large exchange ratio)

[NY Market Data]

The NY market on the 17th was mixed. The Dow average rose by 134.21 dollars to 40,003.59 dollars, and the NASDAQ closed down 12.35 points at 16,685.97. Soft landing rose after being close to expected purchases. While the pace is slow, there is a strong view that the next action of the Federal Reserve (Fed) is to cut interest rates, and furthermore, the fact that China announced large-scale financial measures to support the real estate market supported the housing sector, and the Dow remained steady throughout the day and expanded the range of increases until the end of the day, reaching an all-time high of 40,000 dollars. Meanwhile, the NASDAQ ended in mixed conditions due to the rise in long-term interest rates due to heavy increases in long-term interest rates. By sector, while energy rose, semiconductors and manufacturing equipment declined. The Chicago Nikkei 225 futures settlement value is 38,745 yen, which is 5 yen higher than the Osaka daytime. In the ADR market, AGC <5201>, Sumitomo Denshi <5802>, Renesas <6723>, SoftBank G <9984>, Kashima <1812>, Bridgestone <5108>, and Denso <6902> declined in comparison with the Tokyo Stock Exchange (equivalent to 155.65 yen per dollar), leading to general sales dominance.

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