EXCLUSIVE: GameStop, AMC Buzz 'May Prove To Be Short-Lived,' CEO Of Company Behind MEME ETF Tells Benzinga

Benzinga ·  May 18 03:04

The return ofRoaring Kitty,akaKeith Gill,on social media increased interest in meme stocks and may have kickstarted a short rally to start the trading week.

While there are several ETFs that provide exposure to meme stocks, an ETF that previously focused exclusively on meme stocks closed in 2023. Benzinga chatted recently with the CEO of the company behind the MEME ETF.

What Happened:ETF companyRoundhill Investmentswas the first to market with several thematic investment vehicles including a sports betting ETF, launched in 2020.

In December 2021, Roundhill launched a meme stock ETF aimed at capturing interest in meme...

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