公告精选 | 零跑汽车Q1交付量大增217.9%;中国电力年内售电量增逾三成

Featured announcements | Zero Sports Q1 deliveries surged 217.9%; China Electric Power's electricity sales increased by more than 30% during the year ·  May 20 07:51

① China People's Insurance's original premium revenue reached 300 billion dollars in the first 4 months. What is the year-on-year growth rate? ② China Electric Power's electricity sales increased by more than 30% during the year. What is the exact scale?

Major announcements for Hong Kong stocks:

1) Company news

$LEAPMOTOR (09863.HK)$: Revenue for the first quarter was $3,486.2 billion, up 141.7% year on year; net loss attributable to shareholders was $1,012.9 billion, down 10.6% year on year. The total number of vehicles delivered during the period was 33,410, an increase of 217.9% over the previous year.

$PICC GROUP (01339.HK)$: In the first 4 months, the original premium income of RMB 21.495 billion, RMB 60.47 billion and RMB 29.152 billion was obtained through People's Insurance Insurance, People's Insurance Life Insurance, and People's Insurance Health, totaling RMB 30.117 billion, an increase of 1.25% over the previous year.

$HWORLD-S (01179.HK)$: Total revenue for the first quarter was 5.278 billion yuan, up 17.81% year-on-year; net profit was 667 million yuan.

$CHINA POWER (02380.HK)$: Total electricity sales in the first 4 months were 408.17,500 megawatt-hours, an increase of 33.45% over the previous year.

$NCI (01336.HK)$: The cumulative original premium income for the first 4 months was 67.224 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 11.69%.

$UJU HOLDING (01948.HK)$: Total revenue for the first quarter was 2,273.8 billion yuan, an increase of about 13.9% over the previous year.

$HUABAO INTL (00336.HK)$: Group member companies subscribed to a total of 1,469 billion yuan of financial products.

$CSPC PHARMA (01093.HK)$: The recombinant all-human anti-beta-Klotho monoclonal antibody (JMT202) was approved for clinical trials.

$HONGHUA GROUP (00196.HK)$: The subsidiary signed a fan duct rack sales contract of about 150 million yuan with Hengtong Lande (Fujian).

$MOBVOI (02438.HK)$: The partial exercise of over-allotment rights involved a total of 10.43 million shares

2) Repurchase news

$HANG SENG BANK (00011.HK)$: A repurchase of 300,000 shares was spent at HK$33.5961 million, at a repurchase price of HK$110.7-113.

$SWIRE PACIFIC A (00019.HK)$: Spend HK$19.1509 million to repurchase 278,500 shares at a repurchase price of HK$68.30-69.25.

$AIA (01299.HK)$: Approximately HK$16.1203 million was spent to repurchase 250,000 shares at a repurchase price of HK$63.45-65.6.


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