The Nikkei Average depreciated by 131 yen, and although it is solid, there are sales awaiting return

Fisco Japan ·  May 17 12:53

The Nikkei Average depreciated by 131 yen (as of 13:50). In terms of the Nikkei average contribution, East Elec <8035>, First Lite <9983>, Terumo <4543>, etc. are top negative contributors, while Toyota <7203>, Konami G <9766>, Lasertech <6920>, etc. are top positive contributors. In the sector, precision instruments, other products, chemicals, real estate, and construction industries are at the top of the price drop rate, while the electric/gas industry, banking industry, steel, transportation equipment, and mining are at the top of the price increase rate.

The Nikkei Average has remained steady. There is a view that it is a sense of security that the Bank of Japan left the planned purchase amount unchanged in a government bond purchase operation (open market operation). Meanwhile, the Nikkei Average has risen by about 740 yen with 3 days of continuous growth until yesterday, and since it is a weekend, it seems easy to sell while waiting to return.

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