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Related news:Lenovo Group's net profit for the second fiscal quarter was 1.42 billion yuan, up 20% year-on-year

Sina Technology News On November 7, at noon, Lenovo Group announced today its results for the second fiscal quarter ending September 30, 2019. Lenovo Group's quarterly revenue for the quarter was 94.8 billion yuan, up 1% year on year, achieving 9 consecutive quarters of year-on-year growth; profit before tax was 2.17 billion yuan, up 45% year on year. Net profit reached 1.42 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20%.

In terms of mobile business, Lenovo achieved pre-tax profit of 58.1 million yuan this quarter, achieving profit growth for four consecutive quarters. Profit before tax increased by more than 400 million yuan year-on-year, creating mergers and acquisitionsMotorola mobileA new high since the business.

In the Latin American market, activations increased 6.8% year over year during the quarter, revenue increased 4%, and profit increased 3.2%. In the North American market, device activations increased 4.6% year over year and profit margin improved 6.5% year over year.

Lenovo Group said that in the future, Lenovo's mobile business will actively seek growth opportunities in emerging markets while strengthening profit levels. Its Motorola brand will launch a new “revolutionary” mobile phone product on November 14, and will continue to create leading innovative technologies and products in the future.

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