本周美股牛股 | 中概股集体狂欢!中概指数周内升逾6%,腾讯音乐绩后飙涨16%,贝壳实现六连涨

This week's US stock bullish stocks | Chinese securities group carnival! The China Index rose more than 6% during the week. After Tencent Music's performance, it soared 16%, and Shell achieved six consecutive gains

Futu News ·  May 17 18:54

Editor's note:“This Week's Bullish Stocks in Hong Kong and the US”The section closely follows market trends every week, takes stock of the weekly performance of the Hong Kong and US stock markets, helps bulls sort through the week's hot sectors, strong individual stocks, and major news, and find profitable investment topics.

US stocks fluctuated stronger this week. By the close of the US stock market on Thursday, the three major indices had collectively reached new highs. The Dow Jones index had a cumulative increase of 0.9%, the S&P 500 index had a cumulative increase of 1.42% during the same period, and the NASDAQ index had a cumulative increase of 2.19% during the same period.

Specifically, Bitcoin returned to the $66,000 mark this week, holding currency stocks$MicroStrategy (MSTR.US)$The stock price rebounded and climbed about 22% during the week. As of press time, Bitcoin was reported at $66,326.4 per unit.

Oppenheimer analyst Owen Lau said, “The CPI data was slightly lower than expected, slightly increasing the possibility of interest rate cuts. This is still an important factor influencing the Bitcoin price. After ETFs and halving, the next major catalyst is interest rate cuts.”

Additionally, MSCI announced the quarterly index adjustment results, and MicroStrategy will be included in the MSCI Global Standards Index.

It won the power of Damo to sing a lot,$Dell Technologies (DELL.US)$The stock price surged more than 11% in one day to a record high. At the same time, it has also encouraged those that are also AI server vendors$Super Micro Computer (SMCI.US)$Shares rose about 13% weekly.

Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring recently released a report on Dell's AI server momentum. The report predicts that uninterrupted market demand for AI servers will increase Dell's sales, saying Dell is its preferred individual stock. Some supply chain sources currently believe that 40,000 to 50,000 high-end servers will be built in 2024, while other supply chain sources believe that this number may be as high as 60,000.

New changes on the AI application side are also driving the stock prices of AI server companies represented by ultra-micro computers and Dell. Recently, OpenAI released a new ChatGPT-4O model, and Google also launched an I/O conference with a very high “AI content.”

$NASDAQ Golden Dragon China (.HXC.US)$During the week, it surged more than 6%, and a number of Chinese securities performed well.$Tencent Music (TME.US)$The Q1 performance greatly exceeded expectations. The stock price rose by more than 16% in the week after that, and has accumulated a cumulative increase of nearly 72% during the year. Benefiting from the boost of the domestic central bank's policy to stabilize the property market,$KE Holdings (BEKE.US)$The stock price rose six times in a row, with a cumulative increase of nearly 12% during the week.

The agency believes that in the short term, buyers lack confidence in the delivery and quality of new homes, and demand for home purchases is shifting towards “visible and touchable” second-hand housing. As the supply and demand structure changes, the second-hand housing market is expected to take on more immediate demand and improved immediate demand. Against the backdrop of signs of a warming up in the industry, it is recommended to focus on leading Chinese housing trading and service platform companies, as well as regional leaders in real estate intermediaries; it is recommended to focus on seashells, etc.

On the other hand, the weakest performing stocks this week are as follows:

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