Will the US stock market fall in the NY market on the 16th

Fisco Japan ·  May 17 05:52

[NYDOW · NASDAQ · CME (table)]

NYDOW; 39869.38; −38.62

Nasdaq; 16698.32; −44.07

CME225; 38560; -330 (large ratio)

[NY Market Data]

The US stock market fell in the NY market on the 16th. The Dow average closed at 39,869.38 dollars, down 38.62 dollars, and the NASDAQ fell 44.07 points at 16,698.32. Purchases in response to expectations of early interest rate cuts continued, and after getting close, they rose. The Dow achieved the 40,000 dollar range for the first time, but after that, it was sold at profit due to a sense of accomplishment at a high price, and growth was sluggish. Despite the April Consumer Price Index (CPI) results, senior Federal Reserve (Fed) officials still reiterated their cautious stance in support of maintaining high interest rates for the time being, so high-tech turned to sales in response to an increase in long-term interest rates. Towards the end of the game, the Dow was unable to maintain the positive zone, and the market price fell and ended. By sector, while food and daily necessities retail and real estate management/development rose, durable consumer goods and apparel declined. The Chicago Nikkei 225 futures settlement value is 38560 yen, which is 330 yen lower than the Osaka daytime ratio. In the ADR market, Kashima <1812>, Sumitomo Den<5802>, SoftBank G <9984>, Fast Retay <9983>, Ebara <6361>, FANUC <6954>, Nintendo <7974>, etc. fell in comparison with the Tokyo Stock Exchange (155.38 yen equivalent to 1 dollar), etc., and became generally dominant in sales.

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