每日期权追踪 | 法拉第未来盘前再涨30%,call单成交火热;比特币再迎暴涨,MARA一call单壕赚4倍期权金

Daily rights tracking | Faraday will rise another 30% before the market, and call orders will be hot; Bitcoin will soar again, and Mara will earn 4 times the option premium on a single call

Futu News ·  May 16 17:18

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Key focus

1. Meme stocks forced the short market to stop.$GameStop (GME.US)$It fell nearly 19% overnight, and 860,000 options were sold.$AMC Entertainment (AMC.US)$It fell 20%, and option transactions reached 1.23 million. The bullish ratio fell 62.6% for the second day in a row. On the AMC options chain, put transactions that expire tomorrow and have an exercise price of 4 US dollars are at the top. Also, when the price of $5.37 was $5.37 for some large players, their buy put bets fell.

After a sharp drop on Wednesday, GME, AMC, etc. gave back about half of the “results” of the gains of the past two trading days. Additionally, AMC said in a regulatory filing that it has reached a private agreement to exchange 10% of the approximately US$164 million notes due in 2026 for 23.3 million newly issued shares. The value of the new shares is $7.33 per share based on the principal amount of the exchange and accrued interest.

2,$Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (FFIE.US)$Overnight, it rose more than 147%, and in two days it had a cumulative increase of more than 1000%. Options transactions rose to 470,000, with a bullish ratio of 87%. On the options chain, multiple call orders are active. Calls due tomorrow and with an exercise price of $0.5/1 have all exceeded 100,000.

Industry insiders believe that Faraday's future surge in stock prices may be related to the US policy of imposing 100% tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles. “The US government's move is aimed at protecting the country's electric vehicle industry and improving competitiveness. However, this policy instead allowed investors to see the huge potential of Faraday's future. As a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, Faraday will have relatively little competitive pressure in the US market in the future, which provides it with a rare opportunity to develop.”

According to FFIEDaily short selling dataLooking at it, in the past two days, the number of FFIE short sales has risen sharply. If the stock price rises sharply again, there may be a short squeeze (short squeeze), which will push the stock price to rise even more. As of press time, the stock was up nearly 30% before the market.

3. Bitcoin has once again reached the $66,000 mark.$Coinbase (COIN.US)$,$Marathon Digital (MARA.US)$,$MicroStrategy (MSTR.US)$Many other digital currency concept stocks ushered in a sharp rise. which$Marathon Digital (MARA.US)$It rose nearly 12% overnight, and options transactions doubled to 330,000, with a bullish ratio of 74.2%. Multiple call orders that expire tomorrow and have an exercise price of 19.5-20.5 US dollars will earn about 4 times the option premium.

As of press release, Bitcoin was reported at $66,281.2 per unit. Oppenheimer analyst Owen Lau said, “The CPI data was slightly lower than expected, slightly increasing the possibility of interest rate cuts. This is still an important factor influencing the Bitcoin price. After ETFs and halving, the next major catalyst is interest rate cuts.” Additionally, Britain's “Financial Times” quoted three unnamed people familiar with the matter as reporting that CME is in discussions to launch a Bitcoin transaction, but the plan has not yet been finalized.

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Risk warning

An option is a contract that gives a holder the right, but no obligation, to buy or sell an asset at a fixed price on or at any time prior to that date. The price of an option is affected by a number of factors, including the underlying asset's current price, exercise price, expiration time, and implied volatility.

The implied volatility reflects the market's expectations for options to fluctuate over a period of time to come. It is data inverted by the options BS pricing model, and is generally viewed as an indicator of market sentiment. When investors anticipate greater volatility, they may be more willing to pay higher options to help hedge risks, leading to higher implied volatility.

Traders and investors use implied volatility to assess the appeal of option prices, identify potential mispricing, and manage risk exposure.


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