华金证券:AI应用落地进行时 端侧AI竞争格局火热

Huajin Securities: AI applications are being implemented, and the competitive landscape of AI on the time-end side is hot

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 18 14:45

The Zhitong Finance App learned that Huajin Securities released a research report stating that on April 17, Kunlun World Wide announced that the “Tiangong 3.0” pedestal model and the “Tiangong SkyMusic” music model will officially open beta. As the first music SOTA model in China, the comprehensive performance of “Tiangong SkyMusic” surpassed SunOv3, making China's self-developed big model technology leading the world for the first time in the AIGC field. End side: According to market news, the first batch of AI features included in iOS 18, which will be released by Apple on June 10, will run entirely on devices, without involving cloud processing. In the future, cloud-based AI functions provided by Google Gemini or other vendors may be provided. Domestic AI models have reached another breakthrough, and AI applications are being implemented; the competitive landscape of end-side AI is hot, and AI-enabled content creation is expected to drive demand in related industries.

The main views of Huajin Securities are as follows:

MoE's big model is iteratively updated, and domestic AI technology is advancing by leaps and bounds

“Tiangong 3.0” has 400 billion parameters, surpassing Grok-1 with 314 billion parameters. It is the world's largest open source MoE model. It has breakthrough performance improvements in the fields of semantic understanding, logical reasoning, generality, uncertainty knowledge, learning ability, etc., increased mathematic/reasoning, code/cultural and creative abilities by more than 30%, and added multiple rounds of search and integrated tool call, chart drawing, research mode, enhanced mode, and many AI capabilities such as image modification and map expansion, bringing users a new AI experience. Among the many authoritative multi-modal evaluation results such as MMBench, “Tiangong 3.0” surpassed GPT-4V, leading the world. The iterative update of major domestic models is expected to seize opportunities on the AI circuit and empower productivity with AI.

AI music tracks meet qualitative breakthroughs, and AI applications are implemented “in progress”

“Tiangong SkyMusic” is the first publicly usable AI music generation model in China. It is also the first time that China's self-developed large-scale model technology has led the world in the AIGC field. Previously, the big model had already made breakthroughs in various technical fields such as text and images, bringing about comprehensive changes in the industry, yet it was slow to become popular in the field of AI music generation.

In a horizontal evaluation with SunoV3, the top AI music model from overseas, “Tiangong SkyMusic” significantly led rivals in the fields of vocal & BGM sound quality, naturalness of vocals, and intelligibility of pronunciation, and surpassed SunOv3 with a comprehensive score of 6.65 to become the global AI music SOTA model. It directly realizes integrated end-to-end music generation for instruments, vocals, melodies, volume, and notes through large-scale model technology. The technical barriers are high, and there are very few participants worldwide. Domestic AI technology has achieved qualitative breakthroughs in vertical application tracks, or effectively promoted the implementation of AI applications and enabled content production and creation.

The trend of lightweight AI models empowers end-side productivity

Recently, the Octopusv2 large model launched by Stanford University researchers has an advanced open source language model with 2 billion parameters that can run through the end side and is specially tailored for Android APIs. Not only is the performance comparable to GPT-4, but it also significantly improves inference speed. The number of downloads exceeded 2000 overnight, reflecting the growing demand for end-side AI. The popularity of the end side stems from the strong demand for content creation on the ToC side. Combined with advances in domestic AI technology, it is expected to effectively empower end-side content production in the long term.

Investment advice: Domestic AI is advancing by leaps and bounds, which is expected to further empower vertical racing tracks and accelerate application implementation

Recommended attention: Kunlun Wanwei (300418.SZ), Insai Group (300781.SZ), Meitu (01357), Tianyu Digital Technology (002354.SZ), Century Tianhong (300654.SZ), Yuanlong Yatu (002878.SZ), Visual China (000681.SZ), Chinese Online (300364.SZ), Giant Network (002558.SZ), Perfect World (002624.SZ), Kaiying Network (002517.SZ) Shares (300182. SZ), Shunwang Technology (300113.SZ), etc.

Risk warning: policy uncertainty, end-side AI progress falling short of expectations, potential risks to AI ethics, etc.

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