异动直击 | 理想汽车涨超4%,理想L6产品发布会明日召开,公司开启矩阵组织2.0升级转型

Direct impact of changes | Ideal Auto rose by more than 4%, Ideal L6 product launch will be held tomorrow, and the company will begin Matrix Organization 2.0 upgrade and transformation

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 17 15:39

Posted on April 17,$LI AUTO-W (02015.HK)$The intraday increase increased by more than 4% in the afternoon. As of press release, it had risen 4.25% to HK$115.2, with a turnover of HK$727 million.

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According to the news, according to Ideal Auto's official Weibo, the new Ideal L6 product launch will be held at 20:00 Beijing time on April 18. Everbright Securities previously stated that growth is still the main driving force for 2024E's ideal sales growth (focus on the catalytic effect of L6 listing), and delivery volume is expected to improve steadily from quarter to quarter.

Image source: Official Weibo

The bank pointed out that the performance of the first pure electric MPV Mega launch order in March fell short of expectations; on March 21, management announced a reduction in the 1Q24 delivery guidelines, and on April 3, Ideal announced the launch of the Matrix Organization 2.0 upgrade. The Matrix Organization 2.0 upgrade indicates that the company has begun to reflect and take action. Reducing the burden on CEO office functions+focusing on product definition and implementation is expected to further improve the company's user value, operating efficiency, and decision-making capabilities, and provide a guarantee for subsequent new product launches.

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