Ford's Mustang Gallops Into 60th Year: Still A Pony With Plenty Of Kick

Benzinga ·  Apr 17 14:23

Ford Motor Co.(NYSE:F) is revving its engines to celebrate a milestone birthday: the 60th anniversary of its iconicMustang.

A Star is Born:The Mustang made its world debut on April 17, 1964, at the New York World's Fair. According to Ford, nearly 15 million fairgoers took a spin in the Mustang on the nearly half-mile-long Magic Skyway ride designed byWalt Disney. Talk about a grand entrance!

Instant Classic: The base model Mustang back then was priced at a cool $2,368 — roughly the equivalent of 420 Big Macs today. Ford sold a staggering 100,000 Mustangs within four months and a whopping...

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