Multiple benefits to boost coal stocks! Mongolian coking coal and South Gobi both rose more than 11% ·  Feb 22 13:16

① Why are coal stocks stronger today? ② What are the trends in coal-related futures products?

Financial Services Association, Feb. 22 (Editor: Hu Jiarong) Driven by multiple factors, some coal stocks strengthened. Among them$MONGOL MINING (00975.HK)$,$SOUTHGOBI (01878.HK)$,$YANKUANG ENERGY (01171.HK)$They rose 12.89%, 11.84%, and 6.79%, respectively.

Note: The performance of coal stocks

In terms of news, according to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, due to the cold tide, the central and eastern part of China will continue to experience widespread rain, snow, and freezing weather on February 20-26. This time, the low temperature process lasts for a long time, and heavy snowfall and freezing rain are widely affected.

Furthermore, on February 8, the Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Department, the Shanxi Bureau of the State Mine Safety Supervision Administration, and the Shanxi Provincial Energy Administration issued the “Notice on Launching Special Remediation of the “Three Superintendents” and Covert Work Surfaces in Coal Mines. In response, Huafu Securities pointed out that the current rectification was strong. The self-inspection found that the problem required immediate reform. The main person in charge of the coal mining enterprise is responsible for the results of the self-inspection. Currently, coal mine safety supervision is becoming stricter, and production may be cut in some mines, which is expected to have a certain impact on the coal supply in the Shanxi production area.

Furthermore, according to Steel Union data, as of February 16, the operating rate of the 523 coking coal sample mines was only 51.7%, which is significantly lower than the same period in history; the latest data after the holiday season showed that the operating rate of 110 sample coal washing plants was only 58.8%. Although it has rebounded from the holiday period, the overall level is still far below the same period in history.

Driven by the above news, the coking coal contract surged by more than 6% at the close yesterday, then rose again by more than 3% today.

Note: The trend of the main coking coal contract

Furthermore, according to a recent research report by Everbright Securities, global coal supply and demand are expected to be basically balanced from 2024 to 2026. Under the guarantee of the Changxie policy, domestic coal companies' profits are expected to remain high and stable, and characteristics such as high dividends and central enterprises are expected to catalyze the continued increase in coal stock valuations.

Mongolia's coking coal had the highest increase

Judging from individual stock trends, Mongolian coking coal once surged more than 13% in the intraday market. According to the news, the company sold 20% of its wholly-owned subsidiary KEX to Jiayou International Logistics. The latter is mainly engaged in mining, transporting and selling coal products produced at the BN mine in Mongolia's Umunugobi League (South Gobi Province), with a total price of US$88.81 million. The proceeds are intended to be used as potential future investments and general working capital.

Note: Mongolian coking coal announcement


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